ODs great escape?!

The first couple of months i kenneled OD until i started coming home to find some how he was getting out of his crate? I set up the camera and if you listen close you can hear me “leave and lock the door” i really just hid in the house… btw he broke my window getting out…

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    16 Responses to “ODs great escape?!”

    1. lisadirusso says:

      @zdre84 EVERYONE loves to share this video.. they laugh forever…it’s gotten old to me but i still like to see everyones reactions.

    2. lisadirusso says:

      @billygoatUK I don’t get it… ?

    3. lisadirusso says:

      @grettagrids ZIP TIES! great idea!

    4. lisadirusso says:

      @sundbyb it’s crazy what extent they will go just to “see” what’s going on. Last week he jumped the sectional to see the UPS guy at the door… who btw brings up two treats on for OD the boxer and the other for Odie the pit. lol.

    5. lisadirusso says:

      thanks for all of the comments! After this video, I just stopped kenneling him, if he get’s that worked up it just wasn’t worth it, he got used to me leaving and the separation anxiety got better and now he doesn’t even get up off the dog bed to “walk me out” OD is a great dog, boxers are awesome we know have a pit who is full of personality, he’s such a baby.

    6. ligerroxs says:

      dat von smart ruufyyyyyyyyyyyyy kool digzs yoo take 300 wish u lift cam running seen face good boy sittttttttttttt av bone i kool upp g

    7. sundbyb says:

      My boxer’s name is Layla aka “Houdini.” They don’t like to be left alone!

    8. grettagrids says:

      ZIP TIES!!! thats what I did with mine even though my dogs are not strong enough to pull that off. I don’t wanna take chances though as they’d eat everything in the house.

    9. billygoatUK says:

      I’ve heard of dogs for the blind, but..

    10. Krisdramaster says:


    11. miranda5902 says:

      Good idea to see how he is doing it but I would invest in some zip ties from a hardwear store and reinforce the joints of the crate. He could seriously hurt him self doing this.

    12. zdre84 says:

      LMAO! That made me laugh so hard!! What a little sneak!!!

    13. ickerish says:

      lol! that shit looked so funny

    14. JakeSmitty1 says:

      I have a boxer and he has escape many times from his cage just like that one. I never knew how he did but that gives me a good idea. Good stuff

    15. dglovers says:

      wow!!! lol!

    16. dpassino says:

      i have the same crate by mine was no where as “loose” as that one. recheck the joints and make sure the crate it put together right. there should be no give to the sides. but man. OD listened and waited to make sure you weren’t coming back before he started his Houdini. Those blinds bit the dust. lol

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