nL Live on – Kennel From Hell Match: SVR11 Style – Al Snow vs. The Big Bossman

Since this isn’t really possible in SVR11, we had to do our own version of out, which is appropriately named “KnL From Hell”. In this match, there are 4 dogs surrounding the ring; “Road Dogg” Jesse James “The Dog Faced Gremlin” Rick Steiner “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith “The Junkyard Dog” The Junkyard Dog What you have to do is, after facing your opponent inside of the cell for 5 minutes (you can throw your opponent out to get attacked by the dogs), you have to try to escape out of the one broken side of the cell (which we broke before the match started), and climb to the top. When both competitors get to the top of the cell, they have to try to put their opponent through the top (dogs cannot climb the HIAC because they are dogs). First person to do so wins!

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4 Responses to “nL Live on – Kennel From Hell Match: SVR11 Style – Al Snow vs. The Big Bossman”

  1. John3nigma says:

    Does this mean you’ll have a second Director’s Edition of UMAD?

  2. newLEGACYinc says:

    @NAWDannyJackpot Al Snow really won. JYD won Scooby Snacks.

  3. NAWDannyJackpot says:

    So did JYD or Al Snow win?

  4. elgrandnaco says:

    This is awesome.

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