Neighbors dog keeps digging into my dogs kennel!!!!?

We have two dogs, one is a spayed female pitbull and the other is a nutered pointer mix male pup about 7 months old. We have a 6’x20’x10′ dog kennel that we seperated into two sections for our dogs; making it two 6x10x10 kennels. Our neighbor lets their Ausi female non-spayed dog run the neighborhood all the time. They don’t care and we have called the dog cop on them many of times, and she has even gotten after the mail lady more then once. These neighbors could carless if their dog goes to the pound, they just bail her out an hour later and she back running the neighborhood. Since we got our pointer pup, the neighbors stupid female has been constently digging into our pointer male pups side of the kennel. We have tried calling the dog cops, they do nothing but knock on the neighbors door or pick the dog up and take it to the pound. Nothing works and they tell us to go to hell when we speak up about their dumb dog! I have tried sprinkling Cayenne Pepper around where she tried to dig in, and it seems like it dont even phase her one bit, she just goes on digging! Is there anything else I can try to lur our neighbors dog away from our dogs’ kennel? This is getting to be a HUGE problem!!! We cant aford to put up a fence as of yet.

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    6 Responses to “Neighbors dog keeps digging into my dogs kennel!!!!?”

    1. Birdie Lindsaz says:

      Catch the dog and take her to an Aussie rescue. Tell them that she is a stray that’s been running the streets, and you have NO idea who the owner is. Of course you’ll need to leave the shelter a donation, either monetary or a few bags of dog food.

    2. Judy Christofferson says:

      You could line the edges of the pens with some kind of fencing wire., like a 6to12" wide band of fence wire, even chicken wire would work. lay it in a trench all the way around the dog kennel’s edges.. Then put 3or4" of pea gravel or just dirt over top of the wire You literally line the sides of the floor of the kennels so the dog can not dig into your kennel. floor fence. Make sure you clip any sharp wires off, you don’t want anyone getting cut. If you have a dog house in the kennel…put the lining under it too. The only other option is to put concrete footers of 6′ deep & 6" wide all around the kennels…the only problem with this is to remove it —you’d have a rough time. I know your neighbors are a pair of A____ but the dog is doing only what she is ALLOWED to do…and you know she’s headed for a bad end….it’s the jerks who own her. Please do not take your take your anger out on the dog…OK?

    3. bzzflygirl says:

      Catch the dog while they aren’t home and drive it to a rescue or shelter further away. Remove its collar and say you found it as a stray.

    4. Myra says:

      You can do what I do. Put the dog in your vehicle and take it to the animal control and eventually they will have to pay to get their dog back. We have a leash law and the times I have called about a stray they come pick it up. Am wondering why your animal control isn’t doing anything about this. You could also talk to the police and maybe they will get a fine. Several of us in the neighborhood took one neighbor to court because of his constantly barking dogs and that took care of the problem. Just keep calling on it. I would think eventually they would do something about it.

    5. Katie G says:

      Firstly stop calling the poor dog dumb its not her fault her owners dont care about her and secondly you can get this special stuff from a pets shop called spay away which is where the dogs dont like the smell so dont go near the patch

    6. Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts! says:

      Keep catching it and calling animal control, every time it goes to the pound it costs the owner more and more to get her out. Besides that there is not much that can be done except building a better fence.

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