My yorkie puppy has had a cough for almost a week and the antibiotics are not working.?

I just got my yorkie pup last week, he’s only 12 weeks old. I took him to the vet the first night b/c he was coughing. The vet said it might be kennel cough and gave me some antibitocs. I ran out yesterday and he’s still the same. The antibitotics didnt seem 2 help. He’s still active and eating and drinking water. He just sleeps alot but i think its normal for a pup and ofcourse he has the cough with a runny nose. I dont know how to help him. I heard the cough could go away on it own and with the help of a vaporizer it would go away faster [he has a vaporizer in his room]. But i wanna know what i should do? Anyone have any ideas? Should i wait it out?

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7 Responses to “My yorkie puppy has had a cough for almost a week and the antibiotics are not working.?”

  1. Sandman44 says:

    If your vet can’t help, then it is time for a second opinion with another vet. Although it is common for dogs from a pound and even sometimes a breeder for a dog, esp. a young one, to get or have kennel cough. It is fairly common.

    This is probably why the vet suggested Kennel cough. If it is a cold or pneumonia, you can try adding Vick’s vapor rub to his chest, but go lightly. recalling that dogs have very sensitive sense of smell. So be sure that you use only a small amount
    on your finger tip, esp w/ a small dog.

    If it is a cold or worse, the Vick’s should help. The Vick’s should sink into the chest and lungs breaking up any liquid or phlem. I am Surprised that the antibiotics didn’t help.

    Good luck, hope this helps.

  2. js2007 says:

    talk to your vet again, they my tell you to bring him back to check him out to see if there is something else going on like a cold or something.

  3. redd_rvt says:

    You should get a refill of antibx and maybe some Tussigon for the cough.

    Kennel cough can linger like any respiratory illness. A vaporize will probably help him be more comfortable.

    If the cough is really persistent you might want x-rays done just to be sure his lungs are clear and it doesn’t turn into pneumonia.

  4. MudFrog says:

    I think I would call the vet …see what they say.. If what they say is not acceptable to you then find another vet. You can not let things like this go on with such a tiny dog. They will get very ill and die very quickly.

  5. Nedra E says:

    CALL THE VET first thing tomorrow morning.
    The vet may need to give the pup a different medicine, or more of the same medicine.

  6. JS820 says:

    don’t wait it out. call the vet and schedule another appointment, because it could just be that he still has kennel cough or it might be leading to something more severe, like pneumonia.

  7. kittychula says:

    Well first of all I am an registered animal nurse in Cali but I live in oklahoma. Kennel cough can be a virus or a bacteria and if its a virus then you need to let it take its course, but if its a bacteria then antibiotic can help. Watch for difficulty breathing and not eating/drinking. I would notify your vet and let then know that he is still coughing. We usually give more anitbiotic or we give a stronger antibitics. Some times it can take a few bouts of antibiotics go get them over it. Good luck.

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