My small 8 pound dog cut his toe pad pretty bad maybe 3/4 down. Should I have it stiched up?

My small 8 pound dog cut his toe pad pretty bad maybe 3/4 down. I cleaned it very good and i used Betadine and put antibiotic ointment on and wrapped it with gauze and tape. If i keep it clean and change the dressing every day do you think it will heal OK? I am wondering if i should have had a vet stitch it up. Although I wouldn’t be able to have that done until tomorrow about 20 or 24 hours after the injury and the dog would have to have a general Anastasie

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    6 Responses to “My small 8 pound dog cut his toe pad pretty bad maybe 3/4 down. Should I have it stiched up?”

    1. Kara S says:

      The good thing is that you’re keeping the wound clean and bandaged. In most cases the cut would heal on its own. What concerns me is how deep the cut is and itp being on your dog’s foot pad.
      There are different things that affect wound healing, such as how severe the cut is and the age of the dog. Younger dogs will heal better and faster than older dogs. They tend to be healthier and the skin or foots pads are not as tough so they heal faster. Also, circulation affects healing so older dogs may have problems if they have any heart problems this also can affect healing in a dog.
      Nutrition is even a factor with healing with dogs. If your dog is on a good diet, then that is very important with healing.
      The best thing for the sake or your dog is to have a vet examine his foot. If it’s too deep then it may need to be close. Most times it can be done just with light sedation of your dog. If anything more extensive than stitches is needed then they would need to use anesthesia, but as long as your dog is healthy with no serious problems, such as heart murmur, then there should be no serious risk to your dog.
      It’s important that you go ahead and have a vet look at the cut on your dog’s foot, to see how serious it is, if anything needs to be done and most importantly treat any infection. If it goes untreated then the infection could get into the bone, and then your dog could end up losing his foot. So getting him to a vet now is in his best intrrest.
      Best of luck with your dog. Hope I helped.

    2. Barbara Bubel says:

      LEARN TO SPELL. It’s anesthesia and why would it need general anesthesia? Is it having heart surgery?

    3. suziequzie says:

      Defiantly get the pup to a vet. keep it clean, and continue to do what you’ve been doing. the last thing that you want to happen is the cut of get infected… good luck…

    4. Bonzie12 says:

      I would at least have the vet look at it to see what needs to be done. Sounds like you did a good job of cleaning it but it could very easily get infected and your vet can give you some antibiotics to give to your dog so infection doesn’t set in.

    5. gila says:

      i would just have a vet have a look at it it might need it might not but better play it safe 🙂

    6. walking lady says:

      It sounds to me like its much too deep to expect it to heal without stitches. Why would the dog need a general anesthetic? You need to get him in ASAP before the damaged tissues start to heal.

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