My puppy seems to force pee and poop out to get out of the crate. How can I make her stop?

I crate trained my first dog from the time he was a puppy and he got it pretty easily. I have this new puppy. She is 8 weeks old and a boston terrier shih tzu mix. She is driving me nuts. I have used a divider and only given her enough room to turn around and lay down. I take away her food and water for the night at 5 pm. I take her out every single hour at night and she still goes in her crate. I will take her out and let her potty. I put her back in her crate and a few minutes later she will force out pee or poop to get out of her crate. She won’t lay in her pee or poop though. She cries frantically to get away from it. I am getting so frustrated. Crating is the only option for me I will not use puppy pads and I have no rooms that can be puppy proofed. Can anyone give me an idea of what I am doing wrong? I am pretty much getting no sleep as it is I don’t think I can get up any more times a night.
What if she soils her crate in that period of time? I have been thinking of upping the time to 2 hours since that is the amount of time a dog her age should be able to hold it.
I don’t put anything soft in her crate because she will either pee and poop on it or she will chew it to bits. I don’t want her to get choked so I don’t put it in there. I have been sleeping with her near me so she knows I didn’t leave her. I could try keeping her out longer. I am still getting her used to a collar and a leash gradually. She either chews the leash or sits in one spot and scratches at her neck. We are gradually working on it.

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8 Responses to “My puppy seems to force pee and poop out to get out of the crate. How can I make her stop?”

  1. Very General says:

    How long is she kept in the crate (which is supposed to be something safe, not something to get away from)?

    By putting her directly back in the crate, you are teaching her to dislike something she should like.

    Try taking her out every half an hour and play with her before putting her back in the crate. Also think about getting an exercise pen.

  2. slaarwalhz says:

    Dolly has the right answer! My pup cries and cries in the crate, but when she gets quiet, then im worried she is pooping or peeing.. It took us a few weeks but she is fine now, she knows its bed time, and gets quiet and goes to sleep usually in less than an hour. Instead of crying all night! It takes consistency, and don’t let her out when she cries! She will then think "Crying = I get out." Try not to let her out as much, and my VET told me let her lay in or at least try to keep her in the crate when she poops and pees becuase then she will realize "EW I should not do that!! this is where i sleep". Also im not sure if its just labs i think its all dogs but they like caves and dark, so I put a blanket over the sides of the crate so its like more cave-esque. Good Luck!!

  3. LetMeBe says:

    How long are the walks, maybe they’re not long enough for the evening poo? I assume you washed the odor out every time she goes in the crate..? Separation anxiety thing?
    Maybe you could put one of your worn shirts in the crate so your odor stays with her? Maybe put a clock under the bedding so it sounds like mommas heart beat? Maybe she needs to have a visual of you and you can keep the crate in the bedroom, slowly moving it out as her behavior gets better.

    It’s probably like everyone else says, it’s become a reward. You could also exercise her more so she’s exhausted when going to bed.

  4. Troll Police Dogs says:

    Walk this little puppy around your yard for 15 or 20 minutes to make sure everything is out. Limit her going out at night. Twice a night is plenty.

  5. Daizee says:

    ignore that rami person, what she says is ridiculous, not everyone that owns a dog has a spare room to devote completely to the dog.

    just leave her if she crys. your taking her out every hour so she will learn that she has to be in the crate

    just play with her alot too, otherwise she will get lonley, and make sure you walk her too

  6. rami #1 says:

    You shouldn’t have a bloody dog! You have no room for it and are unprepared to puppy proof a room for it- you have effectively imprisoned this animal and you wonder why it defecates and cries to get away from it – this is animal cruelty at its most insidious- you are pretending to care for an animal which in reality you are condemning to a life of solitude and confinement- just wait till it gets bigger and it’ll bite your face off!

  7. Chiara says:

    Take to vet.

  8. dolly says:

    Rami- Get a life.

    Stay consistent. I would stop taking the puppy out every hour at night, sounds like she is taking advantage of you! Only take her out every three hours max. When training my puppies I found it helpful to withhold food and water 2 hours before bedtime until they were several months old. Never take her out while she is crying, only after she has been quiet a few minutes. Give it a week or so, she’ll come around! Until then, catch some shut eye when you have the chance.

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