my pup wets in the kennel?

my little puppy knows that if she goes outside and goes potty, she will get a treat. But, if i turn my head for a min, she will run around the corner and pee. Why does she do this? And i put a fleece blanket in her kennel cuz its cold at night so she can lay on the blanket. Ever since i got her, she wont sit on the floor or lay any where unless it has a blanket. So, how can i get her to stop peeing in her kennel. she dont cry at night. i get up the dame time every day and take her out. she is a 7 month old chihuahua and 3 lbs
her crate is not big. all she can do is lay down stand up and turn around. its a small one, so i dont understand why she would eliminate in her own space

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5 Responses to “my pup wets in the kennel?”

  1. deer_doe2005 says:

    sounds like you have a few things going on. You may need to start a retraining for her, this would mean taking her outside to the same spot every two hours and waiting until she does her business and this may need to be done a few times at night. Make sure her kennel is small enough for her to stand and turn around but not much bigger, clean dogs do not like to go where they sleep. Lots of praise when she does her business and ignore her when she makes a mistake, this usually takes a refresher training which last about 5 to 7 days.
    Playing with her on the floor will help to learn that the floor is safe and not slippery, so unless she has a bladder infection and I’m guessing not as you didn’t mention any of the signs. She should be a wonderful dog, dogs like to know who the boss is and she is now old enough for you to start training her little tricks, she will do anything to please her master and you will have her full trust and soon realize that when you ignore her for wetting or just telling her "bad dog", will be enough to teach her this is not a behavior you like. good luck

  2. Carla B says:

    I agree about the size of the crate make sure there isn’t too much space so she thinks one area is for sleeping and the other for potty. Also if she did wet the blanket make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned or else she’ll smell the scent and want to continue to potty in that area. With her age and weight there’s no doubt she has a small bladder and has to supervised constantly. The good news is with your consistent training she’ll catch on.

  3. Stevie says:

    the crate is probably too big…it should only be large enough for her to stand up, turn around, and lay down in. to make it smaller until she is full grown, cut out a piece of thick cardboard to section off a space for her inside, as she grows, move the cardboard back.

  4. FolkstonHorseLover says:

    Unfortunately 7 months old is still a puppy. As far as peeing in the crate, how big is the crate. The crate should only be big enough for her to lay down in. If there is extra room, she will pee in one side and sleep on the other. If the crate is too big, you can have a board cut to put in the crate to make it smaller for her. Also, for 6 weeks, yes, 6 weeks, do not let her out of the crate except to eat, drink, go outside. Then she goes right back in. If in the evening you want to let her out to play with you for awhile, take her outside first, let her at least pee, bring her inside and watch her every minute. If she starts to pee yell at her and take her back outside for about 10 minutes whether she does something or not. Just be consistent with this. Ten when she comes back in she goes back to the crate. The crate is her home for the next 6 weeks. Good Luck!

  5. Socion says:

    Ideally, her crate should be just big enough for her to stand up, and turn around, in. Dogs usually won’t eliminate where they sleep but if the crate is too big she may use one end for a bathroom. You probably need a smaller crate, even if you have to get a cat crate.

    Treats or kibble should be used for training — the kind of training where you condition a dog to perform a certain behavior on command. Not housetraining. Praise should be sufficient reward for pottying outside, especially with a breed that can be so mischievous and manipulative. When you catch her in the act of eliminating in the house, tell her no firmly and take her outside. Be consistent so she knows exactly what is expected of her.

    You do not need to be trained to go about the house placing blankets for her. Get a small dog bed so she has her own warm, comfortable place to lay down when she is out of the crate. Put her in the bed a few times, she will catch on to what it’s for.

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