My neighbor has a puppy outside….?

and the only shelter they have for him is a metal crate. you know the "petmate" black cage. It’s great for an inside kennel (what we have for our dog inside) But it’s not "shelter". He is a rottweiler puppy so i understand them wanting him to be an outside dog, but he has no shelter and we live in missouri, so he’s been out there in below freezing weather. we live on a military base, so i don’t know about animal control or if we have one for the base. what could i do? talk to them? but i don’t want to intrude! But i’m a big animal lover and the poor dog has nowhere to go to escape from the cold or pouring down rain!!! any suggestions??

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    4 Responses to “My neighbor has a puppy outside….?”

    1. Amanda M says:

      Defenatly talk to them. Tell them that their dog is freezing it’s butt of and in the summer it should be inside some times too because of fleas and it could get bloaded. Do whats right for the dog it’s depending on you! =)

    2. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

      What does being a rottweiler have to do with anything? We had one as an inside dog and she was just fine. Suggestion go over and ask why they aren’t providing the animal with proper shelter if they are going to house it outside.

      I wouldn’t care if I was intruding, the animal does not have protection from the elements. Otherwise call animal control and see how they handle thinsg when it involves pets on the military bases.

    3. Jen says:

      Have your husband handle it. He can report it through his chain of command and they’ll take care of it. Base commanders HATE that kind of thing.

    4. laughing says:

      Just talk to them. If you don’t be rude and be polite, they’ll be more likely to listen. Just go over there and say "I noticed your puppy outside. I don’t mind that he’s out there, but I’m a tad concerned. It’s been below freezing weather lately and I’m worried that he doesn’t have much shelter." If my neighbor said something like that in a polite tone I’d be more than happy to respond and take in suggestions. You must remember that most people don’t like being bossed or treated like a little kid. So if they open up, give them suggestions, don’t tell them "do this, do that".

      If they do open up, just suggest them getting a dog house and putting a heat pad in it so he can stay warm. Maybe you can offer to help them build one, or if there are local kids see if they want to. There are dog house plans online I believe and so you can just go to the local department store and buy some wood and build it. Then you can get the local kids to help paint it so that way it’s a lot cheaper than the $100+ ones that are sold at pet stores.

      Most likely they don’t realize dogs need adequate shelter thinking the dog will be fine or they don’t have the money to pay for a dog house. So by offering to help out, you can help out the puppy. Then you can place old towels inside the dog house and get a heat pad so they can heat it up and put it in there at night when it’s freezing outside.

      Just offer advice and help and be polite. I’m sure if my neighbor came up and did all of that I would be very happy!

      Good luck!

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