My lab is on antibiotic for Kennel cough. His nose is runny but the top of it is dry and very rough looking?

We have had my 3 month old black lab puppy for 2 weeks. We took him to the vet for his first check up Friday and they gave us a prescription for an antibiotic to treat kennel cough. His symptoms are: Coughing, sneezing, retching, sleeping a lot, and his nose is very snotty and runny. The thing I’m concerned about is that the top of his noise is brown instead of black and looks like dry dirt. It’s warm and dry to the touch. The nasal part is wet of course because it is constantly running. Should I be concerned?

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5 Responses to “My lab is on antibiotic for Kennel cough. His nose is runny but the top of it is dry and very rough looking?”

  1. c L says:

    It does not sound like anything. (My dog’s nose is often ‘not wet’.)
    But call your vet and ask one of the techs. They will also tell you anything special to keep a watch for. (I don’t think the color is indicative of anything medical.)

  2. dog dog says:

    If you took him to the vet and you have medicine to treat the cough, don’t worry, the medicine and treatment the vet prescribed should be the best for him.

    Dogs are usually warm to the touch, since their temperature is higher than that of humans, if you want to check for fever, the link below will tell you how.

  3. badgergirlak says:

    No, I would not be concerned. My dogs nose just did the same thing, and it was just dry skin shedding, but I was worried he may be sick. If you are concerned, you should call the vet and just tell them that your pup was just in and he has kennel cough, it could just be a reaction from the meds too. Good luck!

  4. Lorraine says:

    I think it is usual but do keep a check on it.

    If you are not happy in a day or so then take him back to be looked at.

  5. Stalkers are cowards & thieves says:

    You do know that antibiotics do *nothing* for viruses,right?
    That all viruses simply run their course,no matter what?
    & that chapped skin will heal when it stops being slurped?

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