My English mastiff and fleas!?

I have 2 adult mastiff’s and 5 pups, I have tried everything for flea’s. I don’t know what to do. I wash the pups weekly and two days later flea’s. I’ve put down flea killer in the yard and still flea’s. I am at a lost right now and I need help! I have used Adams for yard and pets, that other stuff you put on their backs, the carpet fresh for fleas in the pet department, I only have one rug too, (hard wood floors). What can I do?

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    4 Responses to “My English mastiff and fleas!?”

    1. Yohanes says:

      Try to apply garlic on it’s skin. Flea hates onions!

    2. aussie says:

      Front line is the number one treatment for fleas and ticks and can be purchased from your vet. flea collars ae a wast of money and do not work. the over the counter flea and tick medication contain toxic chemicals which can cause medical problems in your dog as will flea and tick baths . Get front line

    3. mw says:

      You could probably use Frontline Plus. That is a great flea medication for dogs but, make sure when you use it don’t let your dog get wet because it will wash the medicine off and then the dog could get fleas. Also make sure you get the right kind of Frontline, you have to get different kinds depending on how much your dogs weigh. I don’t know about your dogs but with my dog it works great!

    4. mcghankathy says:

      Call in a professional. They’ll know the fastest, safest way to get rid of the critters. It’ll cost more, but you’ll finally be rid of fleas, and the pups will be safe.

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