My dog's paw pad pulled off.?

I was hiking with my dog today and noticed he was limping a little near the end. I checked out his paw and saw that a good portion of his pad had pulled off, like a callus pulls off your palm or something. It’s not bleeding, but I can tell the skin underneath is sensitive. It didn’t bother him enough to fight me off when I cleaned it and put antibacterial on it, so I’m withholding the vet visit until I feel there is a good reason to. The other question I had was what to do about the flap of skin that’s hanging off the pad. Is it dead skin that I could cut away? It’s not connected to his foot by much anymore, so I’m inclined to believe it will just fall off.

UPDATE: I called the vet after all of you screamed at me to do so, and they said the same thing as the level-headed person that actually took time to answer the question. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough, but it’s not his entire paw pad that pulled off. It’s the outermost layer of skin, which my vet said is also mostly dead skin and is very similar to a callus. She told me to keep an eye on it and watch for any complication, but since it wasn’t bleeding or open there’s not much more they could do that I hadn’t already. Thanks for the help!

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8 Responses to “My dog's paw pad pulled off.?”

  1. Jennifer M~ Baby Cameryn is Here says:

    You are "withholding the vet visit until you feel there is a good reason to"?! The fact that the pad is off of the foot is a good enough reason to.

    I am not one who says rush to the vet for every little thing, but this is something that warrants a vet visit.

    ETA~ Bleeding or not bleeding, this is something that a vet needs to treat. Infection on an injury like this is VERY likely. I would think the dog would be in pain, despite his willingness to allow you to touch the injury.

  2. ♥♫☆Bri-Bri♫☆♥ says:

    You need to get that pet checked out immediately! He needs a vet to take care of him, if you wait too long it could get infected!

  3. Ott says:

    Please take your dog to the vet. That isn’t good at all. A paw pad being gone, is a reason to go to the vet. A serious one. Doesn’t get any worse than that. Go to the vet.

  4. Onyx Ignite says:

    Oh my god, man. Your dog NEEDS a vet. Don’t touch it at all, just take your dog to the vet. If you’re able to, carry your dog. A pad should never fall off the paw!!

  5. Toxicosis says:

    ooh! OUCH! That’s like all of the flesh on the heel of my foot being ripped backward. Please take him to the vet. At the least, please call your vet and discuss it with him/her.

  6. Elizabeth P says:

    Go to the VET ASAP!

  7. Kate says:

    no! take him to the vet! their pads arent callouses, its SKIN, just like the bottom of your foot, too.

  8. Jeanniegirl says:

    i would observe it a little while long as it is kept clean, and an open wound doesnt occur, it sounds like you are doing pretty good with it so far. i would wait to see what the piece of skin does in the next day or so, if it appears to be dying, i would go ahead and cut it off, but be careful to make sure youre only cutting dead skin, and not creating a new wound by cutting live skin that isnt dead yet. if its attached on one end, it is possible nerves could be connected to it still, use your best judgement, as in, if you would cut it off of you, then it might be ok to cut it off of the dog.and it might fall off in a few days too, dead skin usually does. just watch for infection (redness, swelling, discoloration). dont hike anymore with him until it heals and he has a chance to grow a callus back. good luck!

    PS it seems like no one else noticed that you said it wasnt bleeding or open at this time. if this is true , really, a vet can do nothing more than what you are doing, really.

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