My dogs missing their daddy how to deal?

My husband left for Iraq two months ago but our dogs are still having anxiety about him leaving. it seems like every time i go out the door they start to freak out like I am going to leave them too. I have to kennel them when I go to work and despite running them after i get off work and playing with them on my lunch break they are still missing their daddy. Our older dog actually took his picture from by the bed and brought it into his cage. Are there any other military wives that have had this problem with their dogs? If so how did you deal with it?
They do sit there and watch the webcam with me…actually they kiss the screen which is really cute! i’m just worried because they still aren’t eating properly and they are stealing my clothes when i leave now.

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8 Responses to “My dogs missing their daddy how to deal?”

  1. trarae says:

    I agree w/ the smell of his clothing but disagree w/brains of 2yr olds. my husbands father( who lived with us) died in jan of this yr and the dog and cat still know that he is gone. animals get depressed just like we do love them and the next time he calls let him say hi to them, too. If its internet feed let them see the screen u’ll be surprized at the reaction

  2. SuzieBox says:

    Wow! My dogs did the SAME thing! My Yorkie was so stressed out when my husband left for Iraq that he stopped eating… then then he would try to eat a bit.. he’d throw it up later. He had the shakes bad too. Finally the vet had me give him Benadryl and this all natural stuff called Rescue Remedy. That worked like a charm!!! Rescue Remedy can be purchased at Whole Foods. Maybe you could have your husband mail a teeshirt that he’s slept in home for the dogs, so they can smell him.
    Good luck 🙂
    Been there,, done that…

  3. sexy says:

    well I’m not a service wife ,but my niece and husband our in the service navy and are always deported out difference times and they have to blankets for the dogs to use wen there crying and missing them, and please tell your husband thank-you for serving or country,

  4. Emily says:

    I know just how you feel. My boyfriend is in the Navy and is currently deployed. Our puppy is so lost without him. He goes to the door everyday at 4 waiting to see his daddy. As corny as it sounds, when my boyfriend does call me, I put it on speaker phone so the pup can hear his voice. Also, I have a few of his clothes that I didn’t wash (as gross and it sounds) and he loves to curl up with it as it smells like his daddy. Our puppy is clingy in general but since his daddy left, he has become even more attached to me.

  5. I'm a man of my werrd!-Joker says:

    A good way is for ya man to wear something(trousers, tshirt) all day …even night. Seal it in a zip lock bag(to keep in the sent)post it to you, and then you put in near your dogs basket …or where wherever you think is best …and ask him to do this every so often. This is also done for puppies when taken away from their parents(but just using to dogs scent). Dogs have the brain power of two year olds …so they would forget over a bit of time-but this depends how often you hubby comes home… Hope this helps…
    Good luck.

  6. peek says:

    put some of his clothes with his smell on it on thier beds, or cage…

  7. mdln18 says:

    I would have to say that it may very well be YOUR behavior making them nervous. Dogs can sense lots of things, esspecially if you’re missing him, or upset about him being gone, and most importantly nervous given the situation. It’s extremely hard to hide those feelings from your dog, because you obviously aren’t going to be able to un-miss your husband. In two months a dog should/would/usually will get "over" the missing owner, so my only suggestion would do your VERY best to try and hide YOUR emotions. Stinks, doesn’t it?! Kind of like kids though, you make a big stink about their cut and its the end of the world, you ignore it and they forget its even there!

  8. Shelly E. says:

    Giving your dogs an article of his clothing that hasn’t been washed works. If he could send you something he’s worn to give the dogs to sleep with, or just lay with, that would help a lot. Thank you for your husbands service. Good luck with everything.

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