My dogs have all the sudden started barking….help?

We just moved into a new house about 1 1/2 months ago. I have two dogs ages 3 (border collie/german shepard mix) and 2 (queensland heeler/beagle mix). Our dogs have NEVER been barkers before. The neighbors dogs were barkers and my dogs would sit there and stare at the fence. Well now all the sudden they have decided to become barkers. We got a letter from the county yesterday of barking complaints. Aparently they are barking during the day while we are at work (they are in a 12×14 kennel during the day, proior they had free run of the back yard). They sleep indoors at night. I would like to know what I can do to make them stop! I have heard the electronic collars do not work that well. I have seen the citronilla collars and I know they do not work (maybe a week they do), any suggestions? Why do you think they have started barking all the sudden?

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    4 Responses to “My dogs have all the sudden started barking….help?”

    1. PEPE says:

      They’re frustrated because they don’t have enough room. They are adjusting to a new living arrangement. My only answer would be to take them on long walks before and after work. Give them a real workout. Play hard with them (frisbee, ball). Set up agility course in backyard like I saw one of the dog trainers do on TV (Dog Whisper). Time will help too.
      Good Luck!!!

    2. Thorhalla says:

      If you were outside all day in a kennel hearing all the noises around the neighborhood you’d be barking all day too.

      Keep them indoors when you’re gone. Not only will it keep them safe from stray dogs or other animals that could harm them but it will keep them safe from humans who may wish to do them harm because they’re barking all day. It will probably also help them relax more so they’re not barking at every little thing.

    3. Mark J says:

      Time for some obedience training. You will also have to spend some extra time with them, training them not to bark. This means, put them in the kennel when you are home and when they start to bark, correct them asap. Reward them when they obey.

    4. lg says:

      Can you try letting them run the new backyard? If you can give this a try and ask the neighbors to call you if there is still a problem and you could leave work as an emergency to take care of it or assure them you will find a way to correct the problem. AT least they will lnow that you are trying to control the problem. If you can leave the dogs out in the yard the only other option may be in the house or in the basement or garage. Try to work with them being outside in their kennel when you are home. It has to be hard on them to go from a backyard to a kennel but if they did not bark before, you probably have a good start.

      I have seen others recommend a ‘stop barking’ post (bird house looking) thing to put up that emits some type of sound to stop barking.
      Maybe some of the experts out there can give you more detail on this.

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