My dogs dont stay in the yard, please help!!!?

I have two english springer spaniels, a male and a female. They are bird dogs, and love to chase birds and squirls. i live by a busy highway and my dogs keep going over there and dont listen to me. i disipline them, then put them in the kennel for the rest of the day but as soon as i let them out again the go right back over there. i would perfer we dont get an underground fence or a fenced in yard or tie them up but can anyone tell me a affective way of keeping my dogs in my yard.

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5 Responses to “My dogs dont stay in the yard, please help!!!?”

  1. Pamela D(midget12_ says:

    they have these things in pets stores that will perfectly stop any dog from leaving yard and going into street. they are so well made I even use them my self. they come in various lenght from 16 foot to 50 foot some are steel coated with plastic which is what I use. they are called


  2. JenVT says:

    Unfortunately, unless your dogs learn to obey you in short order, they will get hit by a car and that is a terrible thing, trust me. Our dog was (I thought) perfectly fine off leash in our yard and we never let him out there unsupervised. Well, one day our neighbors dog came into our yard when we were out playing and our boy started playing with him- when his friend went home, all obedience training went right out the window and he got run over by a truck. It only takes one time to lose your precious friend. Please, fence them in or get a portable kennel of some sort. It’s much better than watching your friend die before your eyes.

  3. EssJay says:

    For their safety and that of road users you need to get a fence.

  4. ThatGirlYknow says:

    Dogs don’t understand why they’re being put in the kennel. Only that they are. You’re not teaching them – you’re just shutting them away.

    If you don’t want to get a fence I recommend heading to the local pet store and getting tie outs for the dog. You can purchase different strengths and lengths for as little as $15 and definitely MUCH cheaper than a fence and safer than them roaming free.

    If they’re not listening and you’re not teaching them properly – than something needs to be done. You can’t just choose to do nothing. Try finding a local dog trainer to see if they can help you with training.

  5. There goes the fear says:

    Wow… a bird dog taking off after wild game? I wouldn’t expect anything less of English Springers!

    Disciplining and time outs DON’T work for dogs. Correction at the exact moment of infraction and prevention are the ONLY ways to fix this problem.

    If you don’t want the dogs to get hit by a car or lost for good (which WILL eventually happen if this continues) you NEED to prevent the dogs from getting out in the first place. Prevention means a fencing of some sort or a tie out. If you don’t want to put up fencing or tie up the dogs then you MUST have the dogs on a leash when you go out with them. You can work on recall with the dogs, but living right next to a highway I still wouldn’t even let my dogs offleash and my dogs are working spaniels with excellent recall. All it takes is one mistake and that’s it, GAME OVER. Do you really want to take the chance?

    Chasing after a dog, yelling at it, popping its collar AFTER it has run away and not come back isn’t going to make the dog realize what it did wrong. All it knows is that it’s in trouble whenever you come in and spoil all the fun. So why would they want to come back to you when you discipline them and send them to exile in the kennel?

    If you can’t train the dogs to have PERFECT recall and supervise them every second they are outside, then you must prevent them from running away at all. Fence them in or tie them up. It’s that simple.

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