My dog won't stop peeing on the floor…help?

My 10 1/2 yr. old dalmatian has been peeing on the floor about twice/week (give or take a time) for the last year. I’ve taken her to the vet and she has no bladder probs/infect….I don’t think her bladder "is going" bc she holds it all night for 10 hours. She ruined our 0 kitchen floor. I dont know what to do, she hasnt been in a kennel since a pup, I cant put her outside. She is too possesive to put up for adoption. I think she is "jealous" of our son (16 months)…we treated her the same when he came along. She’ll just pee right infront of you, won’t even whine to say she needs to go out. How long do I put up with this??

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3 Responses to “My dog won't stop peeing on the floor…help?”

  1. pppppffffttt says:

    you put up w/ it forever….10 years? shes like your child! whats a few pee stains? maybe she will get over it, but dont give her up over it! theres alot of good info online, keyword……

  2. luvmeeluvmenot says:

    If she is already ten then the peeing probally will not stop. I had to deal with that with my older poodle.

    Simple solution:

    Put a diaper on her. Thats what we did with my poodle. We just used regular diapers, but you can buy doggy diapers.

    It dosn’t hurt them, just as long as you remember to change them at least 4 times a day. If you leave them in a filled diaper they could get urine burns. Other wise just put the diaper on, every so many hours change it and gently wipe the area in the diaper off with a wipe or a wet towel gently.

    That will take care of the problem if you don’t mind putting your dog in diapers.

  3. cdp224 says:

    If you love her, you put up with it until you figure out what is wrong and you fix the problem. She may just be acting out because she doesn’t feel she is getting attention from you. She may also be doing it because she can still smell an odor from the last time she peed on the floor so she decides to rescent the area.

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