My dog wont stop chewing everything up!?

How do I stop her?? We try spanking, putting in cage, throwing outside, rubbing her face in it and spanking and nothing will work. Shes like 9 months old, and it’s moved on from little things like shoes a few months ago, to now literally anything she can get her paws on. She just destroyed 2 cushions on a 5k$ couch. It’s up to me to fix the problem because if one more thing gets destroyed them my mom and dad are giving her away. What do I do to tame her down a bit? Shes really a sweet loving dog but it’s usually when we dont pay attention to her like when we leave to go anywhere, all hell breaks loose so we have to put her in her kennel. So, since a few days ago when this happened, I’ve kept her by my side, taking her upstairs which we have gated off from her, and I do not let her leave my sight. I took her on a walk and swimming today in the so, cal rain. I honestly dont know what to do to get ehr to stop. She really is a good girl, just not when shes left alone. How do I get her to stop chewing everything? She is about 9 months, black lab.

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5 Responses to “My dog wont stop chewing everything up!?”

  1. sisu says:

    Enroll in obedience class.
    Watch a few classes to make sure they use positive reinforcement.
    Google dog positive reinforcement to learn how to correctly train your dog.
    Long walks. Lots of exercise.
    Use a crate when she cannot be watched.
    Lots of things to chew such as a stuffed Kong, bully sticks, and pigs feet.

  2. Amy Smith says:

    dont worry shes just teething all dogs do it its just a phase but for now go to a pet store and they have sprays that you can spray on the things she chews on most that should get her to stop and its totaly safe for her too

  3. GuineaPigLUVR says:

    Lab puppies chew everything! Have you done no research?! Dogs don’t know what you mean when you hit them or shove their face in something! Watch Caesar Milan. His show will show you how to CORRECTLY fix your dogs problems. People are so ignorant these days.

  4. mister says:

    She is bored.
    You need top pay lots of attention to her. Play with her all the time. Buy her toys.
    NEVER spank your dog or rub her nose in it.

  5. zaad1 says:

    You could buy these bitter sprays from a pet shop for just $5. Spray it on what she chews and she would stop. Worked for me

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