My dog wont poo on his pad.?

My dog will pee on his pad, but will not poop on it. He wil poo next to it. How do I fix this problem?

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    6 Responses to “My dog wont poo on his pad.?”

    1. Ocimom says:

      You fix it by taking the dog OUTSIDE to pee and poop. Stop trying to make the dog pee inside the house. Throw away the stupid pads and teach your dog that potty is OUTSIDE at all times.

      This habit only teaches the dog that its ok to pee/poop anywhere it wants in the house and it will not stick to the pads for very long. Then you will end up with a dog peeing in other rooms and you’ll be mad – but you’ve taught it that its ok to do so in the house.

    2. Myra says:

      Get rid of the pee pads and start taking the dog outside. Those pads just confuse the dog into thinking it is ok to do his business in the house. Why potty train a dog twice, once to pee on pads in the house and again to go outside, makes no sense to me.

    3. ♥Pawz 4 Thought And Wag That Tail!♥ says:

      Why are you pad-training? You’re making the toilet training experience harder, as he’ll have to learn to toilet on a pad, not the floor, then learn to toilet outside, no inside on the pad. You fix this ‘problem’ by doing exactly the same thing you did to teach him to wee on it. Take him to it, use the toileting command, and keep him on the sheet until he toilets, then lots of praise. Unless you’re incapable of taking him outside, pad/paper training is a waste of time.

    4. its me says:

      my dog does this EXACT thing ! he pees on it but poops beside or behind it but sumtime he make it ! the dogs just dont know that they didnt make it abd they try to make it on the pads 🙂 just move them where he poops

    5. Misery♥ says:


    6. Squee says:

      move the pad where he’s pooping, continue this till he uses it. if that doesn;t work, rub his nose is the poop and show him thats it’s bad. or put him outside

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