my dog wont do ANYTHING?

wednesday night my family got a 6 month old pug. we have a 9 month old too that is pretty much fully trained. the breeder we bought the dog from said it is trained to go outside/not bark and of course, "come!". when it’s in the crate at night, it whines for 10 minutes before shutting up, but if you open a door, it wakes up and starts all over again. now, it starts barking at people. i have been told to say "no bark" in order to train it, but it’s not working. now the most annoying part is when i take it out 4 times this morning and it will not go to the bathroom. is it because of the snow on the ground? the other pug has no problem with this. i take it inside and try to get it to pee on those training pee pee pad things, but it runs away. at this point i’m praying it’ll just shit on the floor so it will just go!
what should i do to make it go to the bathroom outside, stop barking, etc. ?
thanks for the answers!
as for the gender, it’s a girl.
the crate is right next to that of my other pug’s, if that helps. i was told last night to separate them, this pug came in my room and the other in my sister’s. tonight we’re putting them back together-anyone disagree with this?

as for the scheduling too- we feed both dogs at the same time, and that’s working out well. there is a path shoveled for the dogs to go to the bathroom, and we brought both dogs out together earlier today. my pug still didn’t go. i have to keep bringing her out once an hour because she still hasn’t gone, and i dont want to bring the other out into the cold just to watch my pug sit there and do nothing.

i hope this helps, thanks a lot everyone.

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    8 Responses to “my dog wont do ANYTHING?”

    1. ainawgsd says:

      Your dog is in an unfamiliar environment with absolutely nothing familiar. He may be nervous or uncomfortable with this lack of familiarity. Just because he was trained at the breeder’s house does not mean that the excitement and stress of being in a new home won’t push all that training out of his head.

      When he whines in the crate, ignore him. Don’t acknowledge him at all. Yelling at him, talking to him, and worst of all letting him out of the crate is only going to reinforce the behavior. If you ignore him, he WILL learn that whining is not going to get him what he wants and when it doesn’t work he won’t do it anymore. It may take a while because all dogs are different.

      Just saying "no bark" isn’t going to work. You need to teach him what that means before you can expect it to work. There are lots of books and websites that have information about stopping nusiance barking. Also, an experienced trainer can be an excellent resource for all sorts of behavior problems.

      In order to potty train a dog, you really do need a schedule. Feed the dog at the same time every day and take the dog out at the same times every day. Reward the dog for appropriate elimination (ie outside) and ignore any accidents in the house. At 6 months, he may not be fully housetrained. Also, he may be nervous and unsettled still. And it is possible that the snow bothers him if he’s never seen it before. If your first dog is good about going outside, you can use this to your advantage. Take both dogs out at the same time (you may have to keep one or both of the dogs on leash to prevent them from playing…this is potty time, they can play AFTER they do their business but not before) and when the older dog goes to the bathroom, praise the heck out of him. Happy voice, lots of praise, petting, and a yummy treat or two. In spite of what some people believe, dogs DO learn by observing other dogs…if the younger dog sees you making a fuss and rewarding the older dog for pottying outside he is likely to pick up on it too.

    2. Dog Trainer says:

      First of all, you need to give this pup time to adjust to the new noises and surrounding this pup is new to! Since the pup is only barking for 10 minutes at a time, it will subside, just give the pup time.

      Secondly, are you feeding this pup on a schedule? Never leave food down all day for a dog. Puppies eat and then poop.

      Where is the puppy when you are there? You must supervise this puppy all the time in order to catch the puppy going potty where you want him to. I recommend enclosing the pup in a small area, covering the entire area with puppy pads at first and praise and reward the pup every time he goes potty on the pads. As the pup starts to go regularly on the pads, start removing some of the pads-slowly. Soon you will have only one pad and a puppy that goes there only. Taking the two dogs outside together will help the younger pup to get the idea of going potty outside.

      At night, take away the water about 2 hours before you retire for the night and then let the puppy go pee before you go to bed. The pup should be fine all night then.

      As to the barking. You can use a soda pop can filled with 13 pennies (your puppies unlucky number!) and every time your pup barks say "No!’ and shake the can. Ignoring your puppy while in his crate is the best way to discourage barking.

      When all is said and done, taking your pup to a puppy training class will do wonders for his behavior! Not to mention you will be the pack leader and have a better mannered pup!

    3. dogsbestfriend27 says:

      Be patient with your new dog. He/she is feeling alot of insecurity right now. It was taken from the only family that he knows. He doesn’t know where he fits into your family right now. Everything is different to him, with routine, maybe the food, how people react to him is different.

      Put in one of your t-shirts with your smell on it for him. At PetSmart they have what is called the Comfort Zone. It gives off a pheromone (sp) that mothers give off for their stressed out puppies. I have used it and it has helped my older dogs. Also getting like the Lavendar plug ins. The scent is suppose to giving a calming effect.

      I would put his kennel in your room beside your bed instead of a laundry room where he feels more isolated.

      Clear one spot in the yard for your dogs to go potty. Clear out all of the snow. Take both dogs out with you. Have your 9 month old do his business while the 6 month is watching it. Praise your 9 month old for doing such a great job. Then bring your 6 month old to the same spot and the smell of the 9 month old might be enough to get the 6 month old to go.

      There is alot of insecurity and by getting upset isn’t going to help. Start working on your obedience with the dog. Sit on the couch and have the dog in your lap and do some massaging with it. You never said if it was male or female. This is a good bonding thing.

      My shih tzu was rescue dog, and she was a year and it took alittle time to warm up to us.

      Your dog probably doesn’t have a clue about the training pads. Take them back to the store and get your refund.

      He just has to feel more comfortable being there. The breeder shouldn’t transistioned the dog like this. You should have started out going to the house and playing with the dog for awhile. Then have her bring the pug over to visit you and then bring it back to her house. Then have the pug stay for acouple hours, until you are able to have him for the night and then go back to the breeders, and then more and more.

      If he hasn’t eaten much since Wednesday which is normal, then he isn’t going to really have to go to the bathroom. I think it was like on the 3rd day before my shih tzu had to go potty.

    4. Cindy C says:

      1st thing dont use the pee pad things. You dont want your new dog to go in the house. Make sure that you take both dogs out at the same time, so your new one can smell the doings of the older one and get the idea. Take him for a walk every day. I have 3 dogs, two daschunds and a border collie, they hate the outside in the winter, but I force them to go outside and do potty. I also walk them on nice days.

      Are you sure you are the leader of the pack? does your new dog see you as the leader? dogs bark when someone is new or approaching the pack…a warning to the leader. You should just say, thanks, and SSHHH! establishing that you are now in control and he doesnt need to keep barking.
      Being the leader will solve many of your problems, and your dog wont drive you nuts. read " Be the leader of the pack" by Cesar Millan, you wont believe the changes in your pack!

      good luck and dont give up.

    5. nic0 says:

      If a breeder told you the dog is fully trained to go outside they sort of lied. You have to understand when you bring a dog to a new home the experience stress. Its a completely new environment and they need time to adjust to their new surroundings. I would suggest taking your dog on long walks around your neighborhood, so he/she could smell out the place. Eventually he/she will find a place in the neighborhood where it will go all the time. When it comes to barking, each bark is different. They might be trying to alert you of something, or they are frightened. If your dog is barking excessively for no apparent reason, fill up a spray bottle with water, and spray him in the face a couple of times. The key to solving the problem of excess barking in your dog begins with an understanding of what is causing this behaviour. Once you have determined a cause, you have a greater chance of choosing the most effective solution (e.g., more exercise) or behavioural modification. Modifying such an instinctive and natural behaviour as barking can be difficult, and may require considerable patience, time, and hard work. Solutions, however, are possible, and worth the effort. Best of luck to you and your family.

    6. CF_ says:

      dont open the door when a dog whines.. you simply train it to whine more when you do this..

      saying "no bark" is a joke.. because talking to the dog – even if you yell – is a reward for a dog.. you have to spray it with a water bottle every time it barks…

      as for house training you must go out with the dog every time – first thing in the morning it will need to pee.. you have to offer an instant soft treat reward.. then in to eat.. then back out to run and poop – again you must go with … running stimulates the bowels.. you have to offer the soft treat reward instantly after it poops…

      dont use the pads – that only confuses the dog…

      sounds like the breeder lied to you – I wouldnt reccommend this breeder to anyone…

    7. Sunny-USA says:

      My dog is the same…doesn’t like snow. So shovel a path to an open spot shoveled & walk out with it. It can be frustrating, you just need to find what works without getting so angry. Don’t yell at the dog when it barks. I trained mine at the Shhhh sound to stop. It took awhile to train…but that’s part of having a dog. Patience.

      Good luck!

    8. ðøggîê£ùv€® says:

      Your dog probably hates snow and is probably cold or somethings probably bothering it. If the person you bought the dog from told you its trained then its probably not because the person probably just wants money and wants to get rid of the dog faster by making up these lies

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