My dog runs away when i walk him.?

I just got back home from walking my 11 month old Chihuahua/ Russel we were walking, a cricket jumped on my arm and it freaked me out causing me to drop his leash. I wasn’t suprised that he ran off because its a bulky leash and it probably scared him..but i expected him to come back when it stopped. He stopped, looked at me, and dashed. In front of about 5 cars, and thrn around the pool. I walked after him so he would think i was playing by chasing him like i do at home, but the moment he saw me, he ran away, and he is FAST. I sat down to see if he wpuld stop and come to me, but he just looked at me and ran faster. Finally, his leash got cought in the pool fence and i could pull him out. Now, he probably did this cos the leash freaked him out, but he’s done this before (without his leash and in the dark right after a walk)
he does’t come to me, and he runs away if i’m even 10 feet away.
Why? He’s the most spoiled dog i know, he has tons of toys and i play with him all day, so he shouldnt be bored.
Can anyone help me with this? He is going to get hit by a car one day if this keeps happening, how can i get it stop?
We just got him about a month ago from the animal shelter. He was a stray and an obviois outside dog. He gets plenty of exersize. He has plenty of stuff to keep him stimulated. Its only when he escapes whrn he doesn’t come, when were at home and i call him, he usually always comes to me, even on the leash he comes if i call him.

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    7 Responses to “My dog runs away when i walk him.?”

    1. Savannah Jones says:

      They say that dogs will run away (if not trained) as they think it is a game. I know a few times my dogs have gotten out of our yard, I ran the other way and he followed.

      However, the thing that you probably should be careful of is dropping the leash. Really, as long as you have this on your dog – you’ll have no problems. Make sure you don’t drop it in the future.

      In the meantime, take your dog to dog obedience and work through the problem so next time he won’t be in such a dangerous situation (almost getting hit by cars, etc).

      It’s an easy thing to do (dropping the lead) and you’re not the first person to accidently do it – but train him to come back to a command and you should have a better time catching him 🙂

      Good luck 🙂

    2. Chelly says:

      Train him. He’s not properly leash trained. Look online or seek a professional.

    3. emily says:

      tie the leash to your wrist. i wouldn’t recomend this with a large dog but since he’s smaller he’s not gonna be draging you with him.

    4. Noccie says:

      Take him to obedience school so you can train him to come on command. You can also learn this by reading how-to online, but a live and in person trainer really is better. It won’t take long for him to learn to come when called after you learn the technique. It’s worth the expense to take the classes learn some obedience so you have control over you dog – plus that lesson could save his life!

    5. ladystang says:

      obedience training and don’t drop the leash outside where he can get hurt.

    6. Richard says:

      Do you live in Flagstaff az? Saw the same thing happen with a chihuahua/russel mix today lol. Maybe tie the leash on your arm.

    7. Aduial says:

      Teach him a reliable recall. Until that happens don’t drop the leash. Problem solved.

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