my dog runs away when ever she gets the chance?

If i let her off the leash outside she runs away and won’t come when called. How do i fix this? In the house she comes perfectly and is praised when she does. Every morning I have to take her into the backyard to run around with our outside dog because sh eis a high energy dog. Well yesterday she managed to climb the fence I ended up having to follow her through the woods and then on the road in our neighborhood (not a very busy road) for over an hour. I eventually was frced to give up and start walking home. This dog is my baby and spends most of her time with me so it broke my heart to do so. I turned around and saw her running back toward me and she ran way a head of me. (I was happy that she was atleast headed in the right direction.) Our cat who happenes to be her best friend jumped out of the bushes and she stopped to play wiht him so I was able to grab her but this won’t always happen… What do I do? How do i train her? She has bad seperation anxiety when she is away from me (but is crate trained) so i guess thats why she came behind me before getting way ahead of me again.
She is spayed

She gets along great with our cats and other dog.

I let her run and play fetch in the backyard twice a day until she gets tired and lets me know that she’s ready to go in.

She is great wiht obedience. She knows sit, stay (almost perfectly), down, roll over, shake, and she gives high fives. she just struggles with come. she’s not deaf but she doesn’t listen well. If I have her attention she listens great and most of her commands have hand signals to go with them. I believe that she pays more attention to the signals than what I’m saying.

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4 Responses to “my dog runs away when ever she gets the chance?”

  1. Tomas says:

    It’s OBAMA’s fault

  2. hard2getbutch says:

    I would say she needs to get out and excersize more.she is not getting out enough. IS she spayed?

    Get her some training.get her out more.they have dog parks. How is she with other animals? I would try to make a play date.She might be unhappy… All things to look into! Good luck

  3. Ratto says:

    Obedience training class is the answer. Look one up near to you, and then ACTUALLY GO TO IT!!

  4. Lily Morton says:

    Sounds like your dog seems to know that it can’t get away with running away indoors but it can outdoors, so this needs to change. Put a leash on her and give the command that you do indoors. At first she might not realize what is meant of her, so pull firmly on the lead, crouch down and hold your arms out wide and say her name and then the command. Praise vigorously with treats or toys(depending on what she prefers) and keep repeating this in different areas with different distractions, so she learns to come whatever is happening. However, if she gets carried away with the toy, then use a less favoured toy or treat. Try training classes or just keep the lead on altogether.

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