My dog runs away sometimes if we leave the door open?

and he doesn’t come back when called, or chased after.

Last time I had to ask someone on the street to grab him because he would run to other people and away from me.
I’m not a bad owner, I care for him, love him…
what do I do?

I get really frustrated when this happens.
Edit: I don’t leave the door open on purpose! But when I’m taking the trash outside or something, he’ll sneak run passed me, and by that time, it’s too late.

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8 Responses to “My dog runs away sometimes if we leave the door open?”

  1. Me, myself and I says:

    Don’t leave the door open. And make sure you don’t do it by accident.

  2. GSDlover says:

    First off obedience train your dog.
    Get a long light weight line, not kite string and attach it to the collar. Allow the dog to roam and go to the end of the line. Then call his name and give the command FRONT. (You need to change the command from COME to this as the dog has learned COME isn’t good) And reel him in like a fish the entire time praising him GOOD BOY COME, Atta boy etc. When he reaches you, continue with the verbal praise, rub him and give him a treat. Then do it again.
    Now in the house use the same line and leave the door open. Allow him to roam, when he reaches the door, give a quick HARD jerk on the line with the word NO BAD DOG. When he turns away from the door praise him GOOD BOY inside, etc.
    Do this enough times and the dog will return when called and not go out the door.
    DO NOT EVER CALL YOU DOG TO COME AND PUNISH IT. That teaches the dog come is bad.
    Do not chase your dog. Get his attention and then turn around and walk away, or kneel down and act very interested in "something’, or cry out like in pain and then fall, usually a dog will come to its owner when this happens.
    good luck

  3. Samuel Steel says:

    your dog must be a player. he must always be wanting someone to play with him.

  4. DaBasset - just go to the vet! says:

    Don’t leave the door open.

    Take your dog to obedience classes and train him to come when called.

  5. Shaddap says:

    Don’t leave the door open, Sweetie.
    Our GSD will do the same thing if you let him.
    You just have to be quicker than he is and be careful not to let him out.
    When he gets to be around 8 or 9 he’ll realize that there’s not much to see
    across the street and stay in the yard.

  6. Hazel H. says:

    You’re doing exactly what a good owner should be doing. Perhaps install some sort of gate or a large play pen for him so he won’t escape. Get an affordable personal trainer for him maybe. Watch him at all times and be sure to look at his movements when you opening the door slightly. Showing aggression and trying to grab him might put off the idea that its a game of cat and mouse so maybe try a friendlier approach.

  7. Bugsy A says:

    It’s an adventure,like a game to him. It usually has nothing to do with being a bad owner.
    He needs some obedience training, however. Check your phone book or newspaper, there are classes everywhere.

  8. Ayse says:

    In most cases, it’s out of boredom. Look at link above.
    You aren’t a bad owner, and it’s not because the dog hates you or anything. It’s a game for him.

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