My dog runs away every time let off the chain…?

My dog (a black lab) is usually hooked up to a chain whenever let out otherwise she takes off running. Also she loves to sneak out the back door whenever someone is trying to go out themselves. We have tried training but it cost money and the trainer worked with our dog not us, so it didn’t work very well. We have tried shock collars, but I don’t know how to train her using the shock collar, because after saying come and praising her (while on the chain) once let off she doesn’t comprehend "come" and still runs off. We don’t want to put up a fence or an Electric fence because we fear she would be to smart for this and again it would cost alot of money. What can I do to teach her to stay in our yard, while not allowing her to run off?
Okay let me just say that my dog does not need another home just because i can not afford a fence. Furthermore she is not abused, because we hook her up to go outside and let her back in to the house afterwards plus she is the most loved dog, we love her to death and I would like to find something that keeps her in our yard instead of letting her get hit by a car which would be a shot to my heart. I was just trying to be a good pet owner and allow her freedom to run instead of being hooked up to a chain all the time. Thanks for the advice, I will try to walk her more often and see if that works. Thanks again!

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13 Responses to “My dog runs away every time let off the chain…?”

  1. Freshboi says:

    dogs are expensive. if you can’t handle these expenses then you should find the dog a better home. An invisible fence is the best way to keep your dog on your property. Yes they aren’t cheep but it is well worth it.

  2. Sunny D says:

    Here goes: You have already tried all the bad advice that is out there. Try on the shock collar yourself and see how you like it.

    Some dogs do like to run and they become very frustrated when they can’t get the exercise that they want. I suggest that you try fenced dog parks where it would be safe to let her off leash to run (if she likes other dogs) Also, if you ride a bike, have her on a long leash and have her trot along by your side to burn up some energy. I’ll bet she never comes inside; what is the point of having a social creature like a dog if you don’t let it become part of the social family group? Electric fences are AWFUL too. Either spend time with the poor dog and give her the exercise she needs plus the safety of a sturdy fence; or find another home for her. Dogs are living breathing thinking beings; providing a bag of dog food and a bowl of water is not what dog ownership means. Get that dog a life NOW. She is being abused.

  3. Cara says:

    Labs are BIG runners. You need to get a fence.

  4. b.w. says:

    You need to take her to obedience classes. Check around. There are PLENTY that you take your dog to and you stay with your dog. The trainer teaches you how to train your dog. Of course they cost money. Keeping dogs is expensive. There is more to it than tossing them some food every day. Shock collars are for people to lazy to actually train their dog.

  5. keezymama says:

    Very simply your dog needs more training and more exercise.
    the training can’t really be described adequately in a written format
    get DVD to follow are take classes
    But truly the only way to be assured that the dog will stay on your property is a fence. the good old fashion type with post and solid or chain-link sections and that has a secure gate that is kept closed at all times.

  6. -kα♰ieツ says:

    a REAL fence would work .

    if you can’t afford a fence then it needs a new home .

  7. gentlegiants says:

    If you can’t afford to fence your entire yard, fence a smaller section for the dog. If you can’t afford a regular fence at all get an invisible fence. They cost less than 300.00, but you still have to train the dog to know what the flags are for. If you can’t afford that, you can’t afford the vet bills for when the dog gets away and is hit by a car or bitten by an unfriendly bear.

  8. Choose Jif says:

    Labs need to run. A lot. That’s probably why the dog runs when you let it off the chain. Sorry, but you need a fence.

  9. Lindsay B says:

    Can’t afford a fence? Find the dog a new home!

  10. Cherlyn L says:

    dont let her offf the chain then

  11. BYBs cause suffering and death says:

    Yep, a real fence.

    And obedience CLASSES. You and the dog learning together. Dogs cost money.

  12. Erika says:

    A fence. Period – a real wooden fence.

  13. lil missGP says:

    Your dog might not be exercised enough and is trying to get rid of energy. If you walk your dog daily it is less likely to run. If you don think exercise is the problem try this.

    Go to a friends house,or somewhere with a fenced in area. Start with what you where already doing, work on come and sit, and stay. Start with sit. Every time it sits correctly give it a treat, only if it’s calm. It’s very important to make sure your dog is calm before you reward it, otherwise you are encouraging the craziness. Next teach stay. have your dog sit, then hold your hand up like you’re telling someone to stop and say stay. It’s good to have hand signals because your dog doesn’t understand English 😉 turn your back and walk away a few steps. If your dog stays seated reward it. (this will probably take a few tries) If your dog doesn’t stay firmly say no and try again. Last practice come. Tell your dog to sit and stay. Turn you back and walk a few steps. Then say come. This may also take a few tries.

    It’s good to practice these outside because your dog will learn not to stray far from you. But you should also train in other environments so your dog learns that he needs to listen and that YOU are the boss.

    Good luck!

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