My dog runs away after every bang?

One of my dogs, a three year old female is very active and loves going for walks. Sometimes when we go for walks and there are loud bangs my dog runs away and its become quite a problem. Every time when she is off her leash and there’s a bang it takes us at least an hour to find her, when we do she is always happy or covered in something rotten. Sometimes we see her when she runs off but when we call her, she doesn’t respond. By the way my dog is very happy and healthy at home but often suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. Also knows commands like her name, sit, shake and lie down.
Wow! We do keep it on a leash, but she often tries to rip off.

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12 Responses to “My dog runs away after every bang?”

  1. Kat-Pro Dog Owner lulz says:

    A neurotic dog that has bad anxiety issues is not a healthy, happy dog. There is something wrong. With that said, it’s not uncommon for dogs to be skittish of certain noises. The problem here is that you say when you have her off her leash and she hears a loud bang she runs off, and yet you claim she’s on the leash, but she tries to rip it off. This is a training problem, not a problem with your dog. What you need is a prong collar or Halti when walking her. She cannot pull when using a Halti. A prong collar, when used properly, can be a very effective training tool. She needs to understand that when you’re with her she can trust you to protect her and that she doesn’t need to run off every time she hears a noise.

  2. abs says:

    That is frustrating.

    I don’t know how it would work now since she is 3. But, one thing people do when training puppies to be hunting dogs is make loud clapping noises when they are eating or doing something enjoyable to get them used to the sound of the gun and not be afraid of it.

    You could try that?? Every time you feed her bang something near her, maybe start off not too loud, see how she reacts and gradually get louder. I think in order for this to work you will need to be very consistent with this.

    Also try looking up training tips for hunting dogs.

  3. Felicia Q says:

    This is owner error. LEASH THE DOG… easy fix.

    Why is she off leash in public? Don’t you worry about her getting creamed by a car in one of her blind runs?

    My recent rescue also showed a tendency to want to "bolt and run" from loud noises, but given she’s leashed… she can’t. I don’t buy into her mini-panics either. I correct her back into heel position…and just continue to walk. After several months those reactions are now down to a slight halt…and a tail tuck…but she no longer hits the end of the leash in an attempt to RUN. HOWEVER.. I’m STILL not taking her into public off leash. That’s just asking for trouble!

    If your dog is bad on a leash (teach her how NOT to be bad on a leash). Put her into a collar that she cannot back out of – but if you use a choke-chain don’t leave it on her all the time.

    You need to work your dog (while leashed) and teach the dog to focus on YOU (the handler) and not everything around her). Every time I stop.. I want my dog to sit. What that does above all is teach the dog to PAY attention to me. I’m stopping…so…what do I want? Sometimes I turn… sometimes I full reverse….sometimes I just walk on. In the beginning I use bait to teach the dog to focus on me…but as they get the idea and begin to sit when I stop…it’s then reinforced with verbal praise (and they are weaned off of the bait). I like using bait, but once a dog learns the routine… bait needs to be ceased and replaced with verbal praise. I ONLY use bait to initially get the dogs attention.

    If you’re not willing to leash your dog (which is probably a law in your area anyhow) you won’t ever correct this problem. One day when she runs off she won’t come back. Either someone will keep her, shoot her, she’ll be run over.. or trapped and hauled to the pound.

    You have the full ability to FIX this complaint you posted. Ok.. I get that you think she suffers from "panic attacks and anxiety". But.. until you remove her ability to "take flight" when startled she will never learn how to do anything different then RUN.

    I took my dog into Home Depot, and every public place she feared. We worked short periods to begin with…but as she got more confidant I increased her exposure. There are times I still see her "think" about panicking and going into her old behaviors. At the very worst…she just shakes …but stays focused on me. She’s leashed…and NOT going anywhere.

    That’s not that hard to accomplish…it just takes some time and commitment from you, her handler.
    ADDED: Legit
    I just saw your additional comment. Somehow the dog missed a real important BASIC training step. Leash break the dog. Do NOT put anything on her that she can back out of…and she won’t like that …but so BE IT. If you can’t stop her from yanking the leash away from you..or pawing her way out of a collar….then find someone who’s stronger then you. Right now…the dog is doing something she’s been allowed to DO.

    If all of this overwhelms you (maybe you’re young… I don’t know) go take a basic obedience class. An instructor will help you with timing on corrections if the dog is honestly getting a jump on you (and getting away). But…your post states you have her off leash often which sets up the whole problem. I would never allow this dog off leash…nor would I take her out in any collar/leash device that she could get out of easily.

    If your dog is well socialized, and gets along well with other dogs (and you feel you MUST let her run off leash occasionally) take her to a well fenced dog park. At least she will be contained. Dog parks are not without their draw backs….but you appear to be floundering as to what to do with this dog’s developed (bad) habit.

    It still boils down to training. I get rescues in of VARIOUS ages…and they learn leash manners if they are here long enough. It’s not rocket science.. it just takes consistency and determination.

  4. Violet Stryder says:

    Do you have one of the collars with the little spiky things that go into the dogs neck? if you don’t then that’ll teach her to stop trying to bolt. And it doesn’t hurt her because it just feels like her Mom’s teeth. 😀

    Goodluck with yer pup! 😀

  5. Maddie Larocque says:

    your dog was probably threatened when she was younger. assuming she’s a rescue or a mill, dog owners with lots of dogs or dogs that they trained poorly have they’re hands full, because that dog will get into trouble around the house. so the previous owner probably smacked something against a table(like a teacher would a ruler to your desk) or wall and probably then smacked the dog. this could be the case, or your dog could just be naturally timid.all you have to do is make some loud noises while holding her close enough to them so that she sees where it comes from. don’t let her run away! after a while she will learn that loud noises aren’t bad anymore.

  6. Hockey Mom says:

    Um…my suggestion would be to keep her on leash – perhaps indefinitely – since this is obviously a problem and a HUGE safety risk to your dog. There’s nothing wrong with walking a dog on leash.

    And if she doesn’t like to be on leash, then you need to train her to accept the leash.

  7. wonder biscuit says:

    dogs have sensitive hearing why do think they whine at fireworks keep them on the leash and keep her away from loud noise you don’t want to burst their ear drums

  8. Amber Ttycyl says:

    your dog is probably just a little scared
    my uncles dog goes camping with them and when ever there are fireworks he tears a whole in the tent trying to get in to protect himself
    so your dog is probablyy just a little scared!!

  9. Gerbil lover :) says:

    Maybe something happend in her past.

  10. carmac says:

    There are a lot of dogs that are afraid of loud noises, especialy on the 4th of July and New Years, many of them are known for running off scared, keep him on a leash while out walking and protect him on those holidays mentioned.

  11. Sarah says:

    Stop walking her without a leash.

  12. Aphrodite ☼Dobe uses a PRONG says:

    First and foremost – why are you allowing your dog to be off leash if you know she has a flight response to certain things while outside??? Does that not seem ridiculous to you?
    Keep her ON HER LEASH until you have this all sorted out – this is for her safety. A lost dog is never a safe dog.

    If you are under the impression that your dog does suffer from anxiety – then that’s something to work out with your vet.
    Otherwise find a trainer to help you work on distractions.

    ADD: Remember when you said this?: "Every time when she is off her leash and there’s a bang it takes us at least an hour to find her," – sounds like you keep her off her leash. So no, it’s not "wow" it’s owning up to your mistakes.
    If she tries to rip her leash off, then holder it tighter and shorter. Buy a prong collar. Use your head.

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