My dog ripped his paw pad? help?

My dog had ripped his paw pad while we were playing fetch, i am not sure what he ripped it on we play out there every night and he has never ripped it before, anyways I can not get him into the vet till monday. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do for him until then. It ripped right at the front in kind of a triangle chunk. I washed it out with warm water to make sure there was no debris in it, and used antibacterial soap, I tried to wrap it up but he won’t leave it alone and keeps ripping off the wrapping. It really doesn’t seem to bother him that much just after he is done running around. He is very playful so he always wants to play and it doesn’t faze him until after he is done. He has a slight limp and he cleans it after he is done playing for about ten min. This happened wed night. But is there anything else I can do until I can get him into the vet? he is a x-large dog if that makes a difference.
no it is not bleeding any more, it stopped bleeding after i washed it out on wed night

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3 Responses to “My dog ripped his paw pad? help?”

  1. Heather says:

    My dog does this alot, all we can do is what you have tryed. If he wont leave on the wrap all you can do is to make sure he doesn’t play to hard to rip it again. you don’t want him to loose the whole pad like mine did. Its hard to keep them from playing, i know. but just keep doing what u are doing and it should try to heal.

  2. Cassie-danes mastiffs & bullies says:

    go to petco and get one of these cone collars

    keep it wrapped, and keep it clean

  3. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    No point to take him to the vet monday, unless there is an infection or you don’t think you can keep it clean to prevent infection, then you’d need antibiotics from the vet. The vet may give you pain medicine also. But he won’t suture a wound that old.

    So what you can do, wash it with mild antibacterial soap 2 times a day like you did, don’t wrap it. When your dog needs to go outside, put a child’s or small sock on the paw, gently hold it up with a ribbon tied loose. Let the sock come off when you’re back inside.

    It could take a while to heal, but shouldn’t still be bleeding. When my dog cut his paw pad, the vet said it was good for him to clean it.

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