My dog ran away a few times, and I hit him when I finally got him back?

I know. I know. Never hit your dog, it was a horribly thing, etc.

But I just got so angry, and frustrated that I hit him when I dog him back, not like bloody and bruised, but I yelled and hit him.

Now whenever he runs off and I go after him, he doesn’t come back and runs of further because he knows I’ll get mad.

I know what I did was wrong, but how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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15 Responses to “My dog ran away a few times, and I hit him when I finally got him back?”

  1. grayline says:

    start teaching how to come to you.

    start inside, choose a command for come, and give him a treat when he does come. You are going to have to start small and gradually work into longer distances for him to come. When he comes go overboard with praise and treats. Teach him he gets rewarded for coming when called. You will have to do this prolly a couple weeks to engrain it in him

  2. ☆ Memphis Belle ~ Wild 'N' Wicked ~ ☆ says:

    Keep your dog on a long lead because he does not have a proofed solid recal.

    Find a decent professional dog trainer to teach you how to train your dog to recall on command regardless of what environmental distractions are thrown in its path [your closest schutzhund club may be able to provide you with the name of a good trainer].

  3. Ryan says:

    If you can’t keep him inside your yard or house then what you do is get a good strong rope or a chain and tie your dog to a 3 or 4 foot piece of 4×4 lumber. He won’t be able to run to fast for to long, and if he can then make him drag something even bigger. The best thing though would be to make sure your gates are closed and your fence is secure.

  4. Debbie says:

    Prevent him from "running off". Keep him on leash, don’t open a door unless he’s secure, and fix your fence (if necessary). He shouldn’t keep getting out.

  5. Orincarnia says:

    put yourself in the dogs shoes and imagine what would help you trust someone if that happened to you.

    the dog wants to obey, but does not know what to do and since he can’t understand what you’re saying, he only has his free will to guide him. a leash would be the first thing i would buy since the dog can’t heel on its own. and as the dog followed your commands appropriately i would allow him more freedom. yelling and screaming at a dog does not put you in a position of power over the dog, all the dog sees is your inability to lead.

    imagine you are a pack leader, you need to maintain the respect of your dog by nurturing and caring for him, but just like rearing a child, you need to prove who is boss and maintain that position of power over him. he’ll follow, love, obey and be loyal to you forever if you guide and train him properly.

  6. Ariisinn says:

    I had the same problem when I was younger. We got a lab mix dog when I was a child and I terrorized the poor thing, hit him and even kicked him a few times. Of course, as soon as I was done with that stage, I realized how horrible I had been, and I wanted to fix things.

    Pet him. When ever you’re with him, have him lay down near you and pet him. If he doesn’t want to lay near you, get up and lay down near him. Pet him, pet him, pet him.

    Play with him. Buy him some bones or his favorite treats and have him do simple tricks. Reward him. Praise him.

    Take him for ON-LEASH walks. If he pulls badly, get a Gentle Leader Halti in his correct size. Don’t trust the package, get what you think would fit him.. Our GSD/Malamute takes a size 2, which is supposed to be for small dogs like Saluki. It should be snug enough that he can’t get it off, no matter how hard he tries.

    Keep him ON A LEASH when ever he goes outside. That way he can’t run away.

  7. DaBasset - just go to the vet! says:

    Well, that’s going to be a lot of work, because now he thinks if he comes back you’re going to hit him. I wouldn’t come back either.

    Take him to obedience classes, and under the guidance of an instructor teach him a positive, happy recall.

  8. Andromeda says:

    go get help from a train, you obviously need it as you need someone beside you to remind me of the knowledge you say you have

    as you corectly observed you just thougth your dog its a bad thing to come home not a good one

    which is quite oposite of what you wanted too achive, hence you made the problem worse then it already was, and you are probably looking at a lot of work and patience to get it back on track by positive reinforcement and so on, but to not make any more vital wrong moment reactions good or bad to increase the problem i sugest you get help by someone more knowledgable in dog training

  9. LT says:

    Some breds of dogs, well it is just their nature to do this, so hitting them is not going to change a thing. You know they have things called a leash to keep ahold of your dog don’t you? Get one.

  10. Claire Bumper says:

    Give him lots of treats and totally let him be the star at the moment!
    He shouldn’t think "She doesn’t love me, she doesn’t care"

    Not to be mean or anything, but what you did there, was animal abuse.

    Anyone can stop animal abuse, but he may not trust you.
    Hug him, give him kisses (optional, but hugs you have to) and act like he is the best dog ever, even better then your mom.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Andrea Y says:

    dont blame the dog for running away since you abuse it just dont do it agian dogs forgive easliy dont forgive yourself so you wont do it agian

  12. TRECS14 says:

    be nice first of all. lol. try coaxing him with a dog treat. when he comes back, don’t scold him, instead give him a pat and talk in a happy voice.

  13. OreoisCoolio says:

    Lock the doors and gate. put him on a leash. Love him and maybe he wont run away.

  14. In the beginning God created evolution. says:

    Hotdog slices and his favorite toy.

  15. Ayse says:

    I think it’s dumb when people answer with "don’t hit your dog" or "abuse abuse abuse!"
    This person OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t be asking for our advice if she didn’t know what she did was wrong.

    I think we can all lose our rag once in a while, that goes for dogs too.
    If your dog is getting bored in the yard, and isn’t getting enough exercises, he is going to try to play the "run away" game…and when you hit him when you got him back, he learned that coming back is wrong and will result in consequences.

    Take him to a large fenced lot (park) with your friends. Put him on a very long lead, and start calling to hi there. Give him a treat when he comes. Use distractions (people, dogs, animals) and have him ignore them and return to you. Then move on to doing it in a closed lot without a leash. Then take it to an offleash dog park, etc.

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