My Dog Only Limps Sometimes, and I Don't know if because of is Breed it Could be Thyroid disease Or What?

My Dog (American Bulldog, who weighs 80lbs. @ 6 mnths old) Has been limping around the house for a couple days, after he ran into the side of his kennel, He walks and even runs Fine sometimes, But after a while it seems sore again. I dont think its broke or anything because he allows us to move it all around and put pressure on his entire leg and hip.. So Is There something I can do with out Carrying him to the Vet?? Because I believe All they are going to do is give him an X-ray and then Say Well it’s not Broke or any thing here’s some Baby asprin and a 00 Bill, Come Back in 2 weeks..

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    2 Responses to “My Dog Only Limps Sometimes, and I Don't know if because of is Breed it Could be Thyroid disease Or What?”

    1. Toy Fox Terrier says:

      This is just a guess, I’m no vet and I’ve never met the dog, but I’ve known several large breed dogs with Panosteitis

      Its literally just growing pains. The bones grown too fast for the rest of the dog, which causes discomfort.

      Like I said, I’m no expert, but its something to consider

      Heres an overview of the disease

    2. dylancv62 says:

      If this was your child would you take it to the doctor or just give it some aspirin? My dog was injured like yours and sometimes he was ok and other times not so much. After a vet visit we found out his injury created a bone eating bacteria and we had to put him on antibiotics or it would completely eat his bones. Just for the record, it’s not $1000. X-rays run about $30-60 and the sedation is about $10 if he needs it. $100 should be on the high end to get him checked out. More than likely he just injured it and it gets well and he goes full force and re-injured it before it could heal completely. Give it a week and try to keep him "inactive" where he isn’t running, jumping, and all of the stresses on his legs. If it doesn’t improve I would surely see a vet. Also, stop looking at the $$. Consider your dog part of your family and take care of it medically like you would any other family member. Good luck and I hope he gets better.

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