My Dog Keeps Throwing Up?

My dog is about 4 years old and we got her as soon as she was able to leave her mother. She has always been a wonderful dog, very well behaved and playful. In about the past 6 to 8 months, she has started to act a little different. She consistently gets into the trash and makes messes. The first time i found the mess (it wasn’t a very big mess so I didn’t worry to much) I asked her "who did this?" Then she walked into her kennel and threw up. Later she chewed up a shoe. I had the old shoe in my hand and was walking to throw it away and when she saw it, she ran and hid and threw up. Today, i came downstairs and found her on the couch. I told her to get down and then guess what? She threw up!! What is the freakin deal? We have never hit her and she has never needed to be yelled at, so i don’t know what is wrong. She acts like she is afraid of us all of a sudden and Im worried about her. We haven’t changed her food or anything else either.

And if your one of those anti-kennel people, then I don’t need your response. My dog loves her kennel and will sit and whine if the door is closed and she cant get in. If you tell her to clean house, she puts all her toys in there, it’s so cute!!
Maybe i should add, that she doesn’t just throw up, she practically makes herself throw up. She breathes really hard and starts gagging until finally she throws up. The association with dissappointment would really make a lot of sense. She doesn’t do it any other times, just when she does something wrong.

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    3 Responses to “My Dog Keeps Throwing Up?”

    1. walking lady says:

      Well, if you’re worried about her and this dog keeps throwing up, then you need to take her to the vet to get it checked out. First, you need to rule out a physical problem – although eating garbage and shoes is enough to make a dog throw up!

      But if she’s still throwing up, she could very well have a physical problem. Get that checked out first.

    2. anna says:

      Always consult your vet if your dog’s vomiting is chronic, continues for more than a day, or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss, decreased appetite, diarrhea, or excessive water intake.

    3. Katwala says:

      It’s a bit fo a stretch but it sounds like perhaps through one or more trash eating incidents she’s become conditioned. So in the first described incident she eats something from the trash that makes her physically ill. Just about the time that she’s getting sick to her stomach you express your disappointment in her. She associates your disappointment with vomiting.

      Like I said, it’s a stretch but it is a possibility.

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