My dog cut his paw pad really deep all the way through the pad, can a vet or some1 on here tell me what 2 do?

Ive had it wrapped up with neosporin and ace bandages and when i change it my dog freaks out cause he wants at it ive let him lick it a few times and he took it off once himself and got to it once, but its pretty deep like i have to hold the pad together when i wrap it cause i want it to heal as closed as possible, ive read and called the vet and they said they cant do much more but if it gets infected to bring him in but im really worried cause hes a athletic dog and i dont want him to have a bad leg because of something that could of been prevented so im looking for some help should i give him asprin for pain cause at night is when it bothers him the most someone HELP

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16 Responses to “My dog cut his paw pad really deep all the way through the pad, can a vet or some1 on here tell me what 2 do?”

  1. Maltese Mom says:

    If you have already spoken with your vet and been told there is nothing more than what you are already doing for the dog, you can either go with that advice or seek a second opinion. Unless he develops an infection that spreads to other parts of the foot or leg, I doubt this injury will affect his athletic ability once the pad has healed.

  2. winterrules says:

    It shouldn’t cause any long term problems. Cut pads can be slow to heal but every time it happened to one of my dogs it healed without any problems. Try to prevent him from licking it and be patient. When I was training and racing sled dogs I had several tricks to deal with injured pads using anything from booties and ointments to gluing a patch over the injury. These are not things I would do with an average pet but when an injury happens 20 miles out on a trail it needs to be dealt with to get home safely. Keep watching the wound and call the vet if it gets worse. Dogs will heal by themselves most of the time.

  3. Bobbie L says:

    I seriously doubt that your vet said that the dog didn’t need to be seen. I think you are someone looking for free medical advice. People, here, are not vets, and even if they were, your dog cannot be magically fixed online. Your dog needs to be stitched, it sounds like, and also needs to be on a round of antibiotics.

    Wow, whatever happened to punctuation?

  4. The Dog Shouter (Whisperer?) says:

    About 15 years ago, one of my dogs cut his pad all the way thru as you described. I took him to the vet and the vet washed the wound out and then just wrapped it and told me to keep the dog off of it as much as possible and to keep it as dry as possible. My dog was a husky and weighed about 50 lbs. The vet told me to give him 1/2 of an aspirin twice a day.

    The wound looked terrible but it healed on it’s own in about 2 weeks. I kept the dog off of it as much as possible for about 3 weeks though. Also, dogs love to lick wounds – it’s their instinct. And it’s a good thing because they clean the wound doing that.

    My guess is you have done everything you can do. I’d get the dog to the vet to see if stiches are required. If not, there really isn’t much more to do.

    Good luck.

  5. wwefan1 says:

    . Go buy gauze and an elastic bandage:
    2. Then, go to PetSmart or Petco and buy Sulfadene 3 Way Ointment along with liquid bandage.
    3. Clean the pads with water. Once you’ve done that, rub (we use a q-tip) the antibiotic ointment on the paws. After that apply the liquid bandage.
    4. Now first wrap the foot in the gauze. After that, wrap the elastic bandage around the gauze. Make sure Corndog doesn’t rip it off and try to eat it. Also try to let it air out tonight.

    It’s what you see in my siggy pic, but it’s protected by a sock. My vet says to do this, especially because stitching labs is usually just worthless.

  6. you what! says:

    Its so deep he needs staples/stitches from the vet, anti biotics and an ‘elizabethan’ or ‘buster’ collar on so he cant get to it. The vet will also give you medicine to give him at home that is an anti-inflamatory and a pain killer safe for dogs.

    Definatley take him to the vets.

    add – only if its a small (not deep) cut do you ‘leave it alone’ or glue it, even then the dog wont hence the buster collar

  7. marci knows best says:

    Putting neosporin on a deep cut is never a good idea because it too often it causes the wound to heal over with the infection inside. I would take him into the Vet on Monday and see if they can’t give you some oral antibiotics and some Vet wrap that would work better than an ace bandage. You could try putting Bitter Apple on the Vet wrap to keep him from licking and removing the bandage.

  8. Chase says:

    Take the dog to a veterinary hospital. It can get infected and cause you dog to get sick.

  9. st.lady (GitEm) says:

    Take that crap OFF it!!!!
    You’re DELAYING healing *&* driving it nutz! CAUSING pain & infection. CUTTING OFF CIRCULATION!!!!

    Leave it alone to heal!

    Do NOT shove anything down it either!
    You are NOT a vet….NOT that it needs one.

  10. Charlene says:

    take to the vet, it might be worth soaking it in warm water with a tiny bit of salt. human medicines are for humans, if you give aspirin to your dog you will kill it

  11. Bobert says:

    Take him to the vet, he might be in great pain. It could also get infected and it will turn into a BIGGER problem. An aspirin is a bandaid cure, the problem is still there if it gets infected.

  12. Meg says:

    The best thing to do is to bring it to a vet. That way you can make sure it’s not infected and that they can wrap right.

  13. Cassyy <3 says:

    take him to the vet…

  14. xoxo says:

    take it to the vet, dont do it yourself, u could injury it more

  15. fallenwolf says:

    It would really be best to take him to the vet : \

  16. Nedra E says:

    The sides of the cut need to rebond to each other. The dog’s instinct is to lick things cause nature tells them this will help things heal.

    Do NOT give him aspirin as it will be too harsh on his stomach. One of my vets told me it was ok to use ecotrin.

    I think you should talk to your own vet tomorrow and follow his/her recommendations. Your vet may wish to see the dog, and for this knd of injury, that would be a good idea. -!-

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