My dog cut his pad on his foot and now is bleeding like crazy….?

I don’t know what to do, I have bandaged it, washed it, applied pressure. There are absolutley no vets open at this time of night which is 10:33pm. I don’t know what to do. He leaves the bandages on, but I am changing them quite often. What should I do?

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21 Responses to “My dog cut his pad on his foot and now is bleeding like crazy….?”

  1. Dixie M says:

    Cauterize it with baby powder.

  2. tom l says:

    If there is a pharmacy in the aria that is still open get some surgical super glue. It works just as good as sutures. if they don’t have the super glue get some butterfly band aids. The idea is that you have to close the wound in order for the coagulants in the blood to do their work.

    Kinda a shock to see all that blood isn’t it?? Now you know why a dog can walk barefoot in the snow.

  3. Heather H says:

    I wouldn’t try flour or cornstarch or any of the other stuff people mentioned. That just introduces stuff into the wound you don’t want. If you have any iodine, clean it out with that. And it depends on how long you apply pressure for. Sometimes it might take a LONG time (20+ minutes). One option could be to get some of that wound glue (the stuff that’s basically like stitches). I do believe they sell that over the counter. Don’t forget to put some antibiotic cream (not gel, if possible, cream will absorb better) on the wound. Wrap it up, though not too tightly because that will only cut off circulation. Take your dog to the vet in the morning!
    But make a Kroger/Walgreens/etc run and try to find some of the stuff I mentioned (mainly the glue, though I don’t know what good that will you do you if you can’t get it to stop bleeding).

  4. Skyhoss says:

    try using super glue and glue the pad back down once you get it cleaned up. this is what my vet will tell people to do because you can not stitch it. if the flap of pad is not attached by much the vet will snip it of and mioght tell you to use cut heal on it.

  5. DP says:

    Did you check to make sure there is nothing still in the cut?
    You should apply pressure, snug, but not so tight to cut off circulation.. Don’t let him run around on the foot.. Keep him as quiet as possible. If it bleeds thru, don’t remove the first bandage, add more cloth and keep the pressure on.. If it continues to bleed thru, which is unlikely.. Then you should see the vet to get it stitched. It should clot tho.. What kind of dog?? Anything that is prone to vWD?

    Make sure you don’t give him aspirin or garlic, anything like that which would think the blood.. It can cause them to have a hard time clotting the blood.. You also don’t want to give garlic or aspirin before any surgery.

  6. courtney says:

    Hi, i suggest you clean the cut and it sounds nuts but super glue the sides together. then bandage it. my dog cut his foot once this saved his life.

  7. Alix M says:

    make the dog lay down and elevate his paw. then put anabiotic ointment and bandage it tight enough that it stops but not that much that it hurts the dog. make sure that it is clean and try to clot the blood to stop it. then as soon as possible bring it to the vet in the morning.
    Good luck!
    any more questions? email me at

  8. 1234 says:

    go to a nearby emergency pet hospital. I know there are a few around my area. Google the nearest one online.

  9. crazykittycat2006 says:

    Use corn starch, this is also helpful if you cut the quick of the nail, it stops the bleeding really quick.

  10. sugar_cloud22 says:

    it depends on how deep it is for when it might stop bleeding, keep applying good pressure

    try calling a vet office they might be there

  11. koichi_shun says:

    it might be a deep cut.. u should apply stop bleeding/antibiotic powder on his wound.. or else u should bring him to the vet.. in case the wound get infection..

  12. ashley w says:

    Just keep a good eye on the dog and apply presure on it like u have been doing, also keep it clean like u had.

  13. Whitney says:

    Well, the best thing to do is to keep your dog lying down and apply pressure with a cold, wet towel. by laying down your dog will be calm and the affected area wont bleed as bad. if you can stop to bleeding keep him/her laying down, so they dont re-open the wound. when you can contact a vet or vet after hours and take him/her there to make sure that he/she didnt lose too much blood. Good luck.

  14. monsieur.noir says:

    Go out and get some styptic from the pharmacy.
    Also, there should be emergency animal clinics. Although I don’t know where you live, so. Maybe not.

  15. Tina says:

    are theyre any emergency vets open in your area? if so your gonna have to rush there to much blood loss can kill him, until then just keep applying pressure thats all you really can do

  16. Kelly_from_Texas says:

    Just put a dab of Vaseline on it. That stops the bleeding.

  17. Anne says:

    You can actually use flour to help stop the bleeding. Pat a decent amount of flour all around the cut and then bandage and apply pressure.

    If it bleeds through the bandage, add more flour and repeat.

    Hope that helps!

  18. smars442002 says:

    edit more info, what did he cut it on, sure its not a nail,knock a chunk of pad off, cut on somthing like glass that will need stitchs?

    Call the vets, they usually have a answering service that will let you know which one is on call

  19. fuji says:

    he sounds like he’s losing quite a bit of blood. you are doing the right thing. try tightening the bandages and take him to the vet ASAP

  20. newy0rkbabygirl says:

    Take him to the hospital and state that there are no vets open. Maybe they can help you if not call the police and maybe they can get a vet to open up for you. Good luck and I hope he’s okay.

  21. wagwagv says:

    I Live in a very small town, where there are only 2 vet clinics. However, both of those vets have emergency services. Can you call your vet at home and see if he will meet you at the clinic? I have done that before. That is what I would do. Most vets will easily accomodate you in an emergency situation.

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