My border collie becomes terrified and destructive during thunger storms!?

My 8 year old, almost 9 border collie, Mojo, is terrified of thunder storms. He’s not very hyper for a border collie, he’s perfectly content sleeping on the couch all day. When we originally got him, he was 4 and he had lived outside pretty much his entire life because his previous owners wouldn’t let him inside. (he was a destructive puppy) Until he was about 6 1/2 or 7, he wasn’t afraid of thunder storms. It’s been getting worse. Lately, he’s been getting quite destructive. He’s been destroying blinds, cardboard boxes, his beds, baskets, etc. in some sort of attempt to get outside. He just seems to want to be outside running around like a nut when there’s a storm! (We don’t have a fence so it’s even MORE dangerous for him to do this.) We’ve been getting a lot storms lately because it’s the summer, and nearly every time we leave the house during or before a thunder storm, we come back to find something torn to shreds, or damaged. His most recent damage was on the door frame of our front door. I’m getting worried, not just about our stuff, but his safety, what he knocks over, or chews on. I’m worried he might cut himself or something. We don’t know what to do. Should we give him medicine? Or get a kennel? I just don’t know what to do. If we close doors, he’ll destroy the doors to get outside! I have no ideas. Please help!

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    4 Responses to “My border collie becomes terrified and destructive during thunger storms!?”

    1. tmw2362 says:

      a kennel but sometimes if its really bad they do have to be put on meds.

    2. Lissy says:

      Well, you may just have to put him in a cage.
      you should talk to a vet about it though, as this may make the dog have a panic attack.
      I’d say get a room and clear everything out of it, and put him in there during the storm. he shouldn’t be able to destroy a door, just scratch it up.

    3. junebug5678 says:

      I would get a kennel.

    4. Jessie says:

      A kennel does often help, yes, especially when you can’t be home.

      Dogs have thunderstrom issues for lots of reasons.

      They can feel the drop in barometric pressure when the storm is approaching,

      Some are quite sound sensitive. A quiet room sometimes helps with this,

      Some are sensitive to the static electricity in the air. Going over the entire dog with a dryer sheet sometimes helps with this, Do it before the storm starts for best effect,

      Anything that helps keep him calm is a good idea. I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘ignore it and it will go away’ school of thought.

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