Moving up, straight out the kennel.. we think?

I have a 18month old female doberman, I have had her crate trained since day one.
Never had a problem.
I have recently started school, and hated the thought of keeping her up in the kennel not to mention that it doesn’t match a thing in my home.
As of late when i run quick errand’s, I shut all the doors and leave her in the living room with a couple of safe toys, when i come home shes on the coach.
Success so far!
Should i continue to push my luck and extend her time? Her longest stay has been a good 5 hrs and no slips. If she does slip i cant be to upset because i took her out of her normal environment.
Is there any recommendations on how to break crate training, or should i just keep her to what she knows.

Simple solution you would think is to leave her outside, but boy oh boy, she will beat down your door trying to get back in lol.

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3 Responses to “Moving up, straight out the kennel.. we think?”

  1. CanineCapers says:

    You should be ok – just proceed gradually. Sounds like you did all the up front training properly.

  2. James S says:

    Sounds like you’re doing everything right. She’s not going to have any potty accidents. She’s to the point where she knows where to go potty. The only issue I had at first with my Shepard when I was leaving him out was chewing. If she’s not chewing then you’re probably okay to give her free roam of the house. But continue to keep her in the living room, then gradually increase how much area she’s allowed to have. I would also keep her access to her crate open. My dog spends a lot of his time in his crate anyways. Good luck! She’ll be fine!

  3. Erika says:

    Yep, my labs actually start eating the siding if they are left outside! I would try extending her time out of the crate – trial and error is all you can do.

    I baby gate my labs in the kitchen and den and haven’t had any issues.

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