Moping Dog- Lonely or Sick?

My parents-in-law are out of town, so my husband and I are watching their dog while they’re gone. She seemed fine yesterday, but today is mopey and listless. I know she has a cold (she’s still very congested, poor thing), so I ran a steam bath for her. I’m not sure if it helped or not, because once I got her in the bathroom, she didn’t move. She laid on the floor and refused to move. She would wag her tail when I talked to her, but she wouldn’t raise her head. My husband carried her over to her water, thinking she was dehydrated, but she refused to eat or drink. I’ve managed to get some water into her, but she’s lying on the ground again and refuses to move.

Is she very sick or just moping because she misses her parents? I called the vet and she said that maybe she has influenza or kennel cough, but she hasn’t coughed at all and she doesn’t have a fever (checked her ears- she’s warm like she should be, but not burning)- just has a runny nose and congestion.

Is there anything more I can do for her? Should I take her into the vet’s to be sure it’s not serious?
I forgot to add this earlier- when my hubby was checking her out and talking with her, she suddenly started howling for almost a minute. Long, very painful (to hear) howls, like she was crying. I still can’t tell if she’s in pain, though, but that’s the third time today she’s done that.

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4 Responses to “Moping Dog- Lonely or Sick?”

  1. coppertop1121 says:

    She’s probably just missing her parents. Give her another day, try to get her out of the house tomorrow and see if that perks her up at all. If she isn’t any better by Monday, definitely take her to the Vet. Check out the website below to see if it helps!

  2. Dead Bunnies says:

    Aww.. poor thing… probably misses her mommy.
    I would suggest getting her checked by the vet if you really are unsure so that you don’t give your in-laws a sick doggie.

    Best of luck, hope the doggie feels better… ^.^

  3. i luv caleb!! says:

    She could be sick with a little cold which should go away in about a week or so,but if i had to guess i would say that she is lonley.

    Hope this helps!:]]

  4. Bonzie12 says:

    Yes she should be seen by the vet if she has congestion. It could be the beginning stages of an upper respiratory infection, or something else. The reason she isn’t eating and drinking is probably because she misses her owners. It’s better to be safe then sorry and taking her to the vet wouldn’t hurt. As far as checking for her fever, the only accurate way to tell is by taking her temperature.

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