Middle Show: Dog Show

Dave reports from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden

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    25 Responses to “Middle Show: Dog Show”

    1. Denise3942 says:

      2:43 is so cute! haha

    2. migsayiching888 says:

      i love it

    3. LizzRawberry says:

      this guy is an asshole

    4. poapoakrup says:


    5. havaneezer says:

      He’s the the arrogant Im so cool how could I ever be wrong about you dog people type I cant stand.

    6. whaddyahear says:

      hes hilarious!

    7. ivegotamnesia says:

      LMAO “bubbsy McPupperton”
      …steroids “i wish ther were more white ppl here”

    8. TheDoodlibop says:

      Bubsy McPupperton!!! <3

    9. Rushgoon1 says:

      02.21!!! Best part ever!

    10. tehcheeseitman says:

      bubzy McPupperton?


    11. falujah says:

      yay middle show!

    12. ameye22 says:

      this shit is hilarious more people gotta start watchin it

    13. hotheadEM says:

      Cooool. Very interesting….even though I HATE DOGS!…thats got to be a compliment

    14. rbenefiel65 says:

      I love the middle show. Always good stuff

    15. TheRetailSlut says:


    16. ttrainwreckk says:

      :O wow =]

    17. R4ndomCrap says:

      stop making fun of those crazy dog freaks.

    18. gennifer27 says:

      man o man. i love you dave.

    19. danielleoh says:

      “i still have no idea how i got in here”

    20. zachman030 says:

      luv it XD

    21. electricbubbles says:

      ROFL bubsy mcpupperton…if i ever get a dog i’m naming him bubsy mcpupperton

    22. Rle8752 says:

      You think I will get disqualify if I bring my dead dog in? He’s been dead for 15 years.

    23. xbrakx says:

      good singin i liked it when he dropped the bag

    24. frenchpeacock says:

      Nice dropping of the dog!


    25. Giraffepotamus says:

      mr price never cease to amaze me

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