MHP2G/MHFU: Hunting God’s Free-For-All, “武神闘宴”, 33:23

I’ve taken some liberties with the translation, but this is the download quest roughly translated as ‘Banquet of the Warrior Gods’, “武神闘宴”. It’s five G rank monsters in the arena: Naruga/Narcuga Tigrex Black Gravios Black Diablos SSJ2 Rajang Here, I’m clearing the quest solo with HBG and using the Tzar/Emperor Lao Cannon and full Blango Z armour. Skills are shown at the end of the video, and no Heroics, cats, flashes or traps were used. If you’d like to know how I’m gunning all these creatures, I have a wriiten guide at: There are two songs here, both by the awesome Meshuggah. First is ‘Acrid Placidity’ from Destry Erase Improve and the second is the amazing Straws Pulled at Random, from Nothing. I don’t own the rights to either. Special thanks to rockmanx49133 and Zangpakto for help with translation of the title.

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    25 Responses to “MHP2G/MHFU: Hunting God’s Free-For-All, “武神闘宴”, 33:23”

    1. blacknaruto221 says:

      i love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. mazereon says:

      @MegaCobraking Ta man. My favourite melee armour is Diablos Z, and my favourite gunner set is the Elemental Maniac one from the dual Naruga vid.

    3. MegaCobraking says:

      What’s your favorite armor of armor combination and nice vid too 😀

    4. hauntedStudioZ says:

      @mazereon OK Thank U.

    5. mazereon says:

      @hauntedStudioZ Same as usual for these G rank creatures, but with a higher chance of rare items like Heavenly scales.

    6. hauntedStudioZ says:

      what are the rewards from this quest?

    7. MoonlightXIII says:

      @mazereon Yeah, I used to go with long barrel until I found out Silence gave recoil reduction. Odd how that’s not stated in-game. Btw, maze, do you still gun in MH3? I’m finding the wii controls difficult for gunning.

    8. mazereon says:

      @MoonlightXIII The silencer gives a healthy amount of recoil reduction. When I’m using Pellet 3 on LBGs I tend to use a silencer – it’s like having Recoil -1 on your armour.

    9. MoonlightXIII says:

      @mazereon Pity. I’d like to be able to spam crag and clust while my weapons can’t signigicantly hurt Guild monsters yet. Btw, Mazereon, how much recoil reduction does silencer give? I know I’ve been able to rapid fire CragS with almost no recoil with just silencer.

    10. mazereon says:

      @MoonlightXIII No, sadly. Maxed recoil values are hard coded and can’t be changed by Recoil + skills or a silencer.

    11. MoonlightXIII says:

      Quick question: Does Silencer on LBG prevent/reduce the recoil from Speed Fire? Thanks.

    12. makiu89 says:

      Not bad. I was one of those persons who taught that soloing this quest is impossible. But you changed my mind. Epic vid.

    13. mazereon says:

      @reche1503 Go to the main menu and Select ‘Download’. It’ll be obvious where to go from there.

    14. reche1503 says:

      How do you download quests?

    15. mazereon says:

      @monoblosfarmer When it’s in the pre-jump stance, if you sonic it it’ll fall over and drop a shiny.

    16. monoblosfarmer says:

      sorry but im a noob at narcuga so what does the sonic bomb do

    17. stmBoendaKandoeng says:

      cool,one of the best

    18. 44daneck says:

      one of best mhfu vids i have ever seen!!!!! soooo much skill

    19. sparky29dvo says:

      You owned all of em, with an HBG no less, you got skills. I tried tigrex with LBG and failed, miserably

    20. wolfpacker100 says:

      that gun looks like a 50 cal

    21. FinalWolf259 says:

      wow you make these monsters look like NOTHING nice job

    22. mazereon says:

      @Uchiha1EX Thanks dude. No heroics just because I wanted to have a change for a quest, you know?

    23. Uchiha1EX says:

      why no heroics??? great vid btw

    24. wl282 says:

      would flashing the tigrex count in speed runs?

    25. mazereon says:

      @TianNi23 Thanks dude 🙂 It was actually a really fun quest to record, it’s a good challenge. It’s very much an excercise in planning beforehand as much as it is in skills.

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