Maggie Doberman puppy training obedience 9 weeks old

LJ KYE Kennels/, landgrafk9 , Swift Run Dobermans imprint training with food 9 weeks old puppy obedience Training puppy circles, Heeling, down, k9 training. L

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19 Responses to “Maggie Doberman puppy training obedience 9 weeks old”

  1. Soulflyz78 says:

    that dobie acts just like my dobie 🙂

  2. TheRunescapePlayerz says:

    she giving the dog the prize too fast, got to make them sit for atleat 30sec then give them the prize for following command.

  3. enufsed001 says:

    @CloseYaEyes Maggie is my Dobie and she is not fat at all. She gets Best Breed Working dog diet and silk balls for extra protein and calories. The hot dogs are not used for regular feeding but for training purposes only because of the shape they are in. Maggie is 50lb and 17 months old. I still need to put another 5-10lbs on her so the hot dogs won’t be a problem.

  4. jdgemo says:

    y do u hav tose things on her ears?

  5. CloseYaEyes says:

    @ljkyekennels okay then go ahead and have a fat dog 🙂

  6. ljkyekennels says:

    Training and imprinting your puppy you can use Hot dogs, Cheese, Chicken what ever is most agreeable with the dog. The Dog must drive for the food. You find a food which is ate with not a lot of chewing for the purpose of training. You get correct sits and downs and heeling with food. After you have correct obedience if the dog has good prey or toy drive you can switch reward and bring up drive with a tug or ball.

  7. ljkyekennels says:

    Training using Cheese and Hot dogs is not bad for dog!!! L J Kye kennels uses the German diet by Best breed. Working sport dogs like Deacon in my Kennel is feed the German Working Diet.

  8. Daized2009 says:

    Why do all Dobies do anything for cheese??? We have 3, our eldest will probably climb Mount Everest for some Cheddar!

  9. CloseYaEyes says:

    @ljkyekennels very bad to give them

  10. loversnumber7 says:

    @lordslayer22 thats what they do when there ears have been cropped…. when ears have been cropped… that means that there ears when grown up will stay and stand up right all the time… if you dont crop your dogs ears – they are called button ears… light my doberman… his ears arnt cropped

  11. xFrederikkesen says:

    Cuteeee, i love dobermann pups 🙂
    – Wish my one was a puppy lol, but hes just one big dog! xD

  12. ljkyekennels says:


  13. ljkyekennels says:

    Cheese or hotdogs

  14. venkatkai89 says:

    what food you give to her as you train ?

  15. Heckler1337 says:


  16. NATAhomez says:

    @lordslayer22 bcz the ears are cropped and thats the bandage to help it heel plus to make them stand up after they have healed.

  17. lordslayer22 says:

    why that on ears

  18. silipbuy says:

    that is one cute doberman

  19. ljkyekennels says:

    Using food to imprint the puppy to the correct position for the sits and downs and heeling position

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