Lou Barlow, “Bulletproof” (La Roux)

Lou Barlow covers “Bulletproof” by La Roux during his SPIN Session on October 5, 2009

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13 Responses to “Lou Barlow, “Bulletproof” (La Roux)”

  1. kockapacee says:

    I think too much talking instead of listening…

  2. theropingeffect says:

    I would like to see Lou Barlow as the new “Egon” in the new Ghostbusters movie.

  3. lysolbombs470 says:

    wtf is this

  4. ClovePsyKoz says:

    @birogyro91 lol that was lame….yet i still laughed :\

  5. CookLeonardhb says:

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  6. birogyro91 says:

    Lou, 1983 called, they want their glasses back.

  7. Gammarklar says:

    count again. the capo is on the 6th fret.

  8. burger2114 says:

    @jamesjubilation I’ve done a cover of this too, you might like it. . .Check it out 🙂

  9. AdamskiFTW says:

    I absolutely fucking love Lou Barlow. Everything i know about songwriting i learnt from this guy.

  10. jamesjubilation says:

    i don’t say this much, but this is so much better than the original – i love acoustic and the songs quite clever with lyrics, etc. a good one to cover

  11. crshuston says:

    lou is the man – what tuning is he using here? trying to figure the chords in the chorus but the capo on 5th fret & standard tunin can’t be right

  12. chesterjet8 says:

    That was just amazing!

  13. arne123456789 says:

    play some sebadoh or dinosaur!

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