Looking for some free yarn & other craft supplies?

my mom is on disability so she knits and crochets projects since she can’t physically volunteer. she knits/crochets hats, scarves,headbands for local charities. toys for the local library and school reading programs, pet mats and toys for the humane society. makes beaded bracelets for the relay for life walk and sews hats, scarves ,headbands and blankets for the local abuse shelter. because she is on disability she can’t afford to buy the supplies. if any one has yarn, beads,safety eyes, fabric/fleece,crochet thread, or any other supplies they would like to donate to her please help. thanks
if you can help at all here is an email address i set up just for this question. thanks

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4 Responses to “Looking for some free yarn & other craft supplies?”

  1. raccoon girl says:

    my link says it all

  2. renegade_knitter says:

    You might also check on Freecycle for your local area and ask if people have things they want to donate. See if there is a local knitting or crocheting guild and people might want to donate to your mother. See if the organizations to which she donates items will put a notice in their newsletters or on bulletin boards asking for donations that she can use. Also see if a local senior center or some other location has a group that comes in; I donated a lot to the senior center in Dallas before I moved, and also to the church senior group in Chicago. It would also help her if she can get out and meet with the other people who knit and crochet items for the charities, social times are good!

  3. funkadelicia says:

    bless you and your mom. i’m disabled too on fixed income.. i knit stuff. i cannot use needles or hooks, so i knit stuff for hospital using looms and knitting boards.

    look in these places:

    hospital asks for and gets yarn donations. they are also looking for volunteers to make baby hats, chemo caps and lap robes. they get yarn all the time.

    try thrift stores. they have bags and boxes of yarn for a couple bucks.

    the church may have prayer shawl ministry. they need volunteers and get donations of yarn.

    look around house for ufos [Un Finished Objects]. if they are in good shape, you can frog them [frog=rip it!] and make a granny square blanket.

    walmart has a small craft department. you can get yarn and bead stuff for a couple bucks.
    if she doesn’t care about the yarn color, she can order mill ends from shop.caron.com. you get a 1 pound bag for as low as 3.49

    catch a sale on worsted weight yarn at craft store. Michael’s and ac moore have yarn sales every week. you can get ac moore coupon online.
    im from jersey. we dont have super joann. try sale there.
    we also do not have the hobby lobby. i heard its huge store with high prices.

    i agree with the other person. make flyer’s asking for yarn. put them in volunteer department. church bulletin, yarn shop. again, bless you both

  4. Stargazer says:

    Dear Wonderful Daughter – you are a blessing to your mom.

    I would suggest that you do the following – if you attend church – ask to put a notice on the bulletin board looking for supplies. So many people have left overs that just sit — because your mom is doing charity work – I would imagine you might be very pleased with the response.

    Try going to your local craft store and talk directly with the owner / manager. They may have some things that are a little shop worn / soiled that are not saleable and would be willing to donate – knowing that it is going for a charitable cause.

    Also, check with the local branch of the library, the local bank, grocery store. I live in a very small town – and if I saw a request like this I would work very hard to help out. Also, check to see if there are supplies at some of the charities your mom supports — often folks will donate supplies directly.

    Do you have an American-Legion, VFW, Masonic lodge, Elks Club or local business owner’s organization – same thought applies.

    Also – when the weather breaks – haunt the garage sales on the last day. Many folks give away what doen’t sell — or go very early the first day and leave your name and number and ask the family to call if there is anything left – you might be surprised at people’s generosity – and you might get first pick at possible supplies. Just be yourself.

    You sound so sweet to care so much — I totally believe your story — and I’m not very gullible — of course, I am disabled also, and do much of the same types of things for a charity in my son’s name as well as the local Veteran’s hospital. I have been amazed at the response from people who have supported my efforts to supply our local girl scouts as well as another knitting group.

    I know that you are not supposed to give an e-mail because you would be swamped with spam – and that’s too bad. I hope these ideas help you think of some local sources.

    Best wishes and I hope there is a pm available to send something.

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