Local Pet Store Under Fire

“Your Pet Store” the pet shop in question is set to face the City of Midland Monday. They want to open a boarding facility, which has some pet owners worried. So much so, Midland Animal Services is scheduled to speak on behalf of dozens of angry residents who’ve called in to complain. Days like today are the norm for “Your Pet Store”, a shop on Andrews highway and Midkiff. Groups of people surround stacks of cages where inside, puppies hope to be picked up. “Loving animals and finding them good homes.” It’s the daily mission of “Your Pet Store” owner Cindy Williams. But for some customers, it’s the opposite of what they get. “We’ve gotten complaints about the animals being sick and sometimes dying days after they’ve been purchased.” Midland Animal Services Director Paul O’Neill says, he gets those complaints several times a month. “We’ve responded and we’ve never found anything. The Health department’s been out there also.” A call to the Better Business Bureau shows in the last three years, they’ve closed six investigations; a majority circling in on “product issues”… product meaning “puppies”. “There’s nothing wrong here. We work very had to keep the puppies clean and take care of them in a very, very humane way.” She says naturally, the next step would be opening a boarding facility for dogs. “Cause that’s what I want to do- forever.” Williams says her kennel will be different. “Just like staying at Grandma’s house: play time, nap time, music time, TV time.” But no

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