Leopard gecko heating question and do they like to climb on stuff?

Ok i know leopard geckos needs heating under the tank and no lights I also know they need to have a hot side and a cold side. The mat im planning on buying is this.
so my question is what size should i get? Should i get a 5 gallon which will only take up half the space or a 10 gallon one?
By the way im using a 10 gallon

OK the second part of my question is do leopard geckos like to climb on stuff. Like that drift wood you can buy in pet stores? BEcause i know they dont have sticky pads on the bottoms of there feet. Do they just like plants and caves? What should i put in the tank? (Other then the moist hide,warm hide and cool hide :D)
also im looking at the gecko care sheet for leopard geckos. It says they need Fluorescent lighting and some other kind of lighting. Is this true because i heard there nocturnel and dont need lighting?
im only planning on getting 1. Im also planning on using repti-carpeting. Whats better a male or a female?

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5 Responses to “Leopard gecko heating question and do they like to climb on stuff?”

  1. Cindy says:

    yes, that is a good UTH (the link worked fine for me)I think i used a mini one for my 10 gallon tank. Make sure you use the little feet so there is air under the tank. No air can crack the glass. have that heater take up about 1/3 or less of the tank. I never had a moist hide and they were always fine. Put it under the warm hide.

    How many geckos do you have? You will need to upgrade to a 20 gallon long tank in a few months if you have 2 geckos. And you will need bigger than that within the next year. It;’s not really them but their stuff that takes up so much room. But they do get to be about 6-8 inches long I think.

    Yes, give them something to climb. You’re right, they can’t climb the glass like other Geckos, but they do like to climb sometimes. Plus, a tall thing in the back makes the tank look nicer.

    What kind of substrate are you using? I read up and everyone said carpet was the safest for juvenile geckos. I found it was also the most economical.

    DONT use a rock heater for them!

  2. Stephanie says:

    you need a bigger tank for an adult gecko! ten gallons is ok for a baby, but you need a 20 gallon LONG tank for an adult or 2. get the 5 gallon heat pad. put it on one side only, not in the middle. make sure to put big flat pieces of slate rock over the carpet/sand you have over the heat pad. they like to dig in sand and may get burned by the pad if they get too close.

    they do not climb much. they like to hide in caves and dig in sand. in the wild they live between rocks in cracks.

  3. Grubette says:

    You should buy the appropriate sized under the tank heater. If you’re using a twenty gallon, buy the heater that’s made for 10-20 gallon tanks. Your gecko might like a few pieces of wood to climb around on, but make sure your tank is big enough to house everything your leo needs as well as the wood. Make sure you have a water dish, a food dish, a calcium dish, a warm hide, a cool hide, a moist hide, two thermometers (one for the cool side and one for the warm side), and a humidity gauge. If the under the tank heater doesn’t heat your tank to the proper temp, you may also need an overhead heater with a low watt bulb.

  4. Danger Erin says:

    that link didnt work, but yes, get one 1/3 – 1/2 the size of your tank 🙂
    i personally cant work in gallons, so it might be worth measuring your tank, then measuring the heat mat – just to double check is not too big (or is big enough)

    As for the tank decoration… I know that my male in particular LOVES to climb on cork bark. I have little arches of it that they hide under. It also helps them with shedding, as they have something to rub on. Like you said, they dont have adhesive pads (and are pretty clumsy) so dont have anything in there too steep an angle, make sure everything is secure and nothing is too high,
    I also have flat rocks in my tank they my leos enjoy climing and basking on.
    You can put whatever you like in there so long as its safe, and wont change the environment (like make it too humid or something)


  5. Kaz says:

    id stick with the 10 gallon .. because your leo would have enough room to grow.. umm for the under tank heater id go with the extra small or small one .. because it only needs to be where the basking area is .. also with the under tank heater it really depends on what substrate your using and the depth of it .. because with a carpet it will heat up faster and be hotter, because theres not much between the heater and gecko.. also never use a rock heater, because leopard geckos have very sensitive bellys, and the use of one could cook him.

    i personally have a 10 gallon tank with acouple centimeters of sand, with an extra small under tank heater.. i also have a 50 watt heating bulb.. and my male loves it .. Leopard geckos love to explore, and to climb even though they dont have the sticky toe pads, so some drift wood or some plants would be perfect ..

    because i keep my Leo on sand, so when its feeding time i let him explore my room and get him to hunt out his food.. so that he dosnt ingest the sand ..

    of course you need a warm hide box, and a moist one, bbut other than that putting some live plants in will also help with keeping the humidity right, also misting everyonce and awhile helps also.. just put some things to climb in ( drift wood, small rocks.. etc) just make sure that they are sturdy and wont fall over when hes climbing on them .. and that there arnt any sharp edges ..

    I was told that they only need the red heating light or a ceramic one… because a fluorescent dosnt heat there tank, it just simulates daytime for them and they are nocturnal so they really dont need it.. and the red heating light works too because they cant see the red light.. so it wouldnt bother them when yours is sleeping ..

    well its kinda hard to know which sex your leopard gecko is until there a certain age, the store i was at said 3 years but i can tell mine are males .. at just under a year .. there really easy going.. so id stick with males, but eventually once you get more experienced you can get a female..

    do you know exactly what color your going for?

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