Kennel can't contain my dog? e.e (Repost – More information provided.)?

I have a one and a half year old American Pit Bull Terrier, she is about 60lbs and stronger than all Hell. I work from home but when i go to the store or just out in general, she is kenneled. Of course, this doesn’t stop her from destroying my house, as she is able to move her kennell across the living room and in to the kitchen, dining room, lounge room, etcetera… Pretty much where ever her heart desires. She will some how manage to pull the rug up from the floor, or pull multiple items in to her kennel to chew on. I have tried putting heavy objects on top of her kennel so she couldn’t move it, that failed. Any suggestions on how to get her to stay in one place so she can’t destroy my home while i’m away?

BTW, i am usually only gone two hours at the absolute maximum. She also gets a two mile run once a day while i am on my bike, then a long walk in the evening. So, she isn’t lacking stimulation.

I have tried a plastic kennel, but she would chew on the plastic to the point of where she would shatter her teeth and cause her gums to bleed.. The veterinarian recommended i don’t use a plastic kennel anymore, and after a 0.00 vet bill, i had to agree.

Also, she is a VERY well behaved dog, except when she is in the kennel.. She never chews anything, or rips up the rug when i am home.. I assume she has separation anxiety.

She is in an advanced obedience class once a week, along with me hiding treats around the house twice a day so she can search for them or i lock the treat in a jar or other object so she can figure out how to get it out.. I also teach her, or attempt to teach her a new trick once every five days or so.. Mental stimulation isn’t the issue either.

I was considering letting her have the run of the house, to see if it’s just the confinement that has her ‘acting out’, but if she has separation anxiety, i am afraid this plan would back fire.. Do you think this is a good idea?

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7 Responses to “Kennel can't contain my dog? e.e (Repost – More information provided.)?”

  1. ? says:

    put in a room you can block off with baby gates like the kitchen or something and make sure to give her toys to play with so she isn’t too bored.

  2. ms manners says:

    The other recommendations are good, but assuming she still needs to be in the crate, screw a couple of eyelets to a stud in the wall, and attach the crate with a clip.

    (My chi also walks her crate across the room when she is crated, although she does not destroy anything.)

  3. Bentley says:

    Does you ever use the kennel while you are home? My dog sees her crate as her "safe place". One suggestion would be to use the crate while you are home and work to make it a calm atmosphere. Another thing I did with my dog was those toys that they have to work to get the treats out of to entertain her. As far a leaving her out of the crate… I did it for a few minutes… then a quick trip to the store… and slowly built up the time.

  4. Launi~Bad Moon Arising~ says:

    I am hearing every word. I have a 2.5 year old 48 pound American Pit Bull Terrier. Launi has never moved her kennel or chewed on it excessively but she has in the last 2 years, destroyed numerous dog beds, blankets etc. Which were placed in her kennel for comfort.

    You are giving her good exercise both mentally and physically. But, it may not be enough. Each dog is different. The breed does have certain characteristics but sometimes you come across one which has more energy than most.

    She is only 1.5 years old. Much *puppiness* still in her.

    I don’t know if I would call this problem with the kennel *separation anxiety*. She is strong, she has tapped into her strength, found out she could destroy and move her kennels and has taken full advantage of it.

    She is already doing serious damage to your house while IN the kennel. Not kenneling her may be just as bad or not at all.

    I would do short trips. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up. See how she acts. Don’t leave her out of the kennel for any length of time to start.

    If she is still tearing up the house while out of the kennel? I highly suggest upping her exercise. APBTs have prey drive. Tap into it. Use it to wear her out.

    45 minutes to an hour with a flirt pole will give her some serious mental and physical exercise. Along with what you are doing presently, I do believe you will find this to be the *icing on the cake*. Which will relieve her pent up anxiety. Which I believe is the root of this behavior.

    Add: Ms. Manners gave a great idea. The screws need to go into a stud but even then considering an APBT can pull at least 10 times their weight? You might come home to your wall all over the place and your dog chewing on it……

  5. TK says:

    Can you place the cage in a small room like a bathroom or closet? The walls would help keep the cage in place. Also, try giving her a high value treat as you leave. From a butcher, get a beef shank bone with the ends cut off. Have the bone shaft cut so the sections are slightly longer than your dog’s muzzle. Boil the marrow out of the center. Stuff the bones with canned dog food or her kibble that has been mushed with water. Freeze the stuffed bones for a few hours or overnight. As you leave drop a stuffed bone in her cage. She should spend a couple hours working on it. By then you will either be home or she may have to take a nap after the exertion. When you come home you pick up the bone. This is only a "gone away" treat. She may decide that having you leave is a good thing.

  6. GSDlover says:

    Sure I’d try it. But what I’d do is hide outside where I could watch. Or if you have a video cam set it up to record his behavior.
    Have you put chew toys in the crate?
    What about tying it to something?
    Could you take him with you when you leave?

  7. Aphrodite ☼Dobe says GROW UP says:

    Do you actually know that she has separation anxiety or are you assuming based on her behaviour in the kennel when she’s confined?

    You could run a trial of her being out of her kennel. Just make sure there is nothing dangerous for her to get into and start it off with maybe 30 minutes of her being unsupervised and if she is good then increase the time gradually.

    Before you put her in the kennel, what do you do with her?
    Generally, before I leave my dog by himself, I make sure I take him for a solid walk and throw in some obedience training. I don’t play with him or anything like that because I don’t want to get his excitement level up before I leave.
    I wouldn’t assume that because she is destroying things she has separation anxiety. I think she’s just bored.
    Also, have you tried covering her kennel when you leave so she can’t see things that she wants to try and get at? Or maybe try putting her kennel in a bathroom or other small room where she can’t really get into anything even if she moves the kennel around with her.

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