Karma – 6 months – Hide and Seek

This is a quick movie I made of my 6 month old german shepherd. She recently got spayed and has to keep her high energy activity to a minimum–no running or jumping. Of course for a puppy, this is not the easiest task. So for the past week, I’ve been playing hide and go seek with her. We can’t go outdoors (between the snow and other dogs) so we’re playing indoors. To play, we need a toy, other object, or treat. (I don’t recommend treats though) There are steps for Hide and Seek, in order: 1. Wait and Hide a. She must down, sit or go to her kennel and wait patiently. b. I hide the object in a place of my choosing, rubbing the object on the carpet in various places along the way to a specific spot. First starting, the object was immediately visible and obvious (ie middle of the floor). Every third round I would progressively decrease the visibility of the object until it was completely covered under a blanket. I have to hide it in different spots every time until I can cover it completely otherwise she will always immediately return to “frequented” places! 2. Release and Seek a. I release her with Okay b. She stands up and begins seeking (sight and smell) the object 3. Find (and Return) a. When she finds the object, I use my discretion if I let her bring it back or I go get it (don’t want her breaking anything fragile). If I want her to bring it to me, I immediately praise her for finding it and either give her a Bring It command or distract her long enough that she loses

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