Just for fun.. If there was a PETCO going out of business near you.. what would you buy?

Ok, just a little fun for the dog section this evening!

There is a Petco going out of business (rent got too high in the plaza) and its not even 5 minutes from my house.. My boyfriend and I have been there 5 times already last week and possibly going to be going again. They close the end of the month.

While I was there last week, I bought a ton of stuff on each visit and the most i spent was (one one visit.. another visit, another, another, and another)

Everything in the store is between 50-70% off!! Excluding dry dog/cat food… its only at 20% for now.

Every Tuesday they lower the prices on everything (except the food.. it will stay at 20%) even more!.. (last week everything was 40-60% off)

For example, I bought some collars that were 75 cents! others were .50!. I got some stainless steele Atlanta Braves bowls for .40 (originally !!). I got a hooded litter box for !. Ferret hammock for !

They had dog kennels for ! metal cages for ! Pet taxis for ! Automatic litter boxes for !. Hamster cages for ! Aquarium kits with stands for 0! (big ones!)

We are probably going back tomorrow to see if we can get one of those big kitty condo/trees that are carpeted.. they are 50% off.. a HUGE one with 3 perches and tunnels is only 5!!!!!. Here is to hoping they have at least one left!

SO, with all that being said.. what would you buy??.. Seriously, the store looks like black friday all over again! such a mess and all the good stuff is flying out of there dirt cheap! My boyfriend has a lot of trouble trying to get me out of there when we have gone lol! I can spend all day in there!
The pets they sell are all gone.. they are still adopting out cats (a rescue group) till they are fully out of business.

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    10 Responses to “Just for fun.. If there was a PETCO going out of business near you.. what would you buy?”

    1. Patricia C says:

      I would buy some dog clothes , I have chihuahuas and they need clothes, then I would get the pedigree denta sticks, never buy bird seed from a pet store it is stale , I buy all my seed from a distributor, local from my bird club. Maybe some food bowls and cage accessories. Just my two cents worth.

    2. Johanna says:

      New dog beds!! My GSD/rot mix is enormous and wears his beds out pretty quickly and beds his size aren’t cheap! So I’d get him a few of the biggest, plushest most comfy beds ever! I’d also get a couple of exercise pens so I could link them together so I could have a huge run for my rabbit to exercise in. Ooh!! And a furminator! And a hugeee chinchilla cage! In a nutshell, I’d buy everything there "/

    3. Alpha Wolf says:

      Anything but their animals. ( don’t buy an animal from a pet store, go to youtube and check out what petsmart did to their animals)

    4. SunneeOne w says:

      I would purchase…..

      cat beds
      dog beds
      dog toys
      cat toys
      a doggie backpack
      t shirts

      I’m going to stop now…before I get carried away 🙂

    5. Raichel Pahl says:

      i have a ferret, two dogs, a million and 1 fish, and a snake

      what ever they need and a new cage and food and anything fun like toys and chew toys and lots of treats

    6. Ashley says:

      i would buy beds for my pups and stuff for the ferret im getting

    7. Inga says:

      I would still buy a couple bags of food.

      I would get litter and liners

      I would buy a stockpile of toys. I like to rotate them. The bulk of that would be marrow bones and squeaky balls. They both are a staple in dog’s playtime. Catnip. Cat grass.

      We could use another cat carrier too.

      grooming supplies – bath wipes would be good. nail trimming kit.

      OMG don’t let me near that store. I can already feel the debt piling up.

    8. stroud09 says:

      All the toys and puppy, clothes, extra harness, Kittie trees, new food dishes and new beds for them all. I would probably buy the whole store out for my babies. lol

    9. ghost loves sophie! says:

      question r the pets 50-70% off? if they were i would soo buy a ferret!

    10. Carrol says:

      I would get my girl a new collar, the color is fading on hers.

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