Items I need in preparation for my new pup ?

What items would I need in preparation for my new puppy ?
I got a list of stuff I made on my own

1) Dog house

2) Dog toys

3) blankets


5) Leash

6) Food and Watter bowl

7) Dog food

8) Brush

9) doggy shampoo

10) doggy snacks

11) Good dog food

12) Dog toys

13) training pads

14) crate

15) Dog tag

What do you think I am missing ? And what do I absolutely need to get before his first day of sleeping in the house? What things should I wait to get till I’m positive on what dog breed I will get ? Also any tips on good common house item replacements for some of these things ?
Oh and I haven’t yet decide what dog or what breed, only that it should be a small breed.

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4 Responses to “Items I need in preparation for my new pup ?”

  1. avigirl14 says:

    wow-you sound prepared, i think for the most part you’ve got all the essentials, you’ll probably get more as you learn about your pup, but for now that’s good

    as for breeds, i have a yorkie and he is so sweet-I love him to death. i keep his hair short so that i don’t have to groom it, but doesn’t have silky hair like most yorkies,
    so i guess it kind of depends on how much grooming you’d like to handle

    palmeranians are cute too but they bark a lot…but still great dogs

    those are the two small breeds that i’ve had experience with

  2. Nekkid Dog © says:

    the dog house is unnessisary.. expecially since you are getting a small dog.. it should be inside.

    Dont bother with the training pads.. they are just confusing.

    Sounds like you have most things covered.. I would wait on a brush until you know the breed, so you can select an appropriate brush/comb for the coat type.

    Household items you can use instead… you can use old towels or blankets for bedding.. my dog has recently decided that my old coat makes a good bed!

    A tall cardboard box can be used as a crate.. however if your puppy soils it, it will be ruined. A pup could chew the cardboard too.. it really would be best to get the pup accustomed to a regular crate.

    Also add to your list nail clippers, and also pet toothpaste and tooth brush.

    baby gates are not a bad idea either while housebreaking.. you may find that you want a few!

    Things to be sure you have that first nite:
    crate and bedding
    food and water bowls
    treats to reward with.. so you can start potty training right away!
    collar, leash and ID tag
    a few toys

    I would get grooming supplies within the first week, so you can get your pup accustomed to grooming from a young age… even the nail clippers. You probably wont have to use them, but its a good idea to handle his paws and pretend to use the clippers on his claws so he’s used to it. You can get more toys as you find out what your pup likes best. Try a small variety at first.

    Dont forget a good vet too! Your puppy needs vaccines, wormers, heartworm preventative, flea preventative, and eventually spayed/neutered. Not a bad idea to consider a microchip either!

  3. mymadeliene says:

    If you are getting a crate, you don’t need a dog house too. He will like his crate eventually and will sleep in there even when the door is open. A TIP: My 5 month old puppy is fabulously house and crate trained, but the first few nights we had him home he screamed and yelped for like an hour when we put him in the crate for the night. Make sure he has blankets in there and a couple toys to play with. Make sure it is big enough too! Try leaving the radio on for him or wrap a clock in a towel and put it in his crate. This sounds like his mother’s heartbeat and will help ease his seperation anxiety. You HAVE to be tough and not go get him when he whines, no matter how bad it gets. Make him sleep in that crate! A good thing to have is a big jingle bell tied on a long ribbon around your doorknob. He will hear it ring when you take him out to pee and will learn to ring it when he needs to go out. training pads area bad idea, i think because it’s easy for the pup to confuse the pads with carpeting– not good. You should ONLY let him pee outside. Take him out a lot when you first bring him home. My Vincent had too pee every half hour or more when he came home, but fear not! This didn’t last long. Remember the pup doesn’t have much bladder control at first so be understanding. If he has an accident put him in his crate and clean it up. Don’t get mad because he doesn’t know he did anything wrong and he can’r help it. Add lots of paper towels and a multi surface cleaner with bleach to your list to clean up accidents. You may also want to get a big water bottle that they make for hamster cages to hook onto the outside of his crate door. It sucks putting a water dish in there when you’re gone because it just makes a huge mess and they have to lay on wet blankets. This works great for my puppy. You may want to get some dog toothpaste to brush his teeth once a week or so. I would recommend buying a baby or kids toothbrush though. The one that came with the toothpaste is rough and hurt my dog’s gums. The baby one is really gentle.

  4. happi_music says:

    wow…that’s a good list. I can’t think of anything else! =)
    I think you should have, training pads, water and food bowls, dog food, leash and collar and dog bed before prepared before he comes home.

    Oh you might want to get dog tooth brush and tooth paste.
    Also cleaning products (pet safe) are important. You might want to get something that will eliminate ordor and stain from carpet.
    Good luck and have fun with your new pet!

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