Is this normal for a BC puppy?

I have a 3 and a half month old Border Collie male puppy. His name is Jasper. And I notice that he is very demanding on playing with my other 2 dogs(dachshunds 4&7 yr old) Like he bullys them when they try to play with a stuffed animal, and Jasper will steal the toy, or attack them order to get it. He will also bark and bark and them if theres a bone that he wants. Jasper also races my doxies up the stairs and then trys biting them right when they reach the top stair, my doxies will somtimes yelp because he hurt them. Is this just a stage from a Border Collie pup? I do positive training, like obedience and stuff, his in a puppy class. And I do take him for long walks, play fetch and play with him alot. His a handful but i understand his just a puppy. It gets very stressful at times, and i question my training. please help. Also..if jasper barks repeatedly, or bullys them, i put him in the kennel and wait untill his laying down, and being clam. and then i let him out. It that the correct way to teach him about his behavior? Im a younge dog trainer, and i have a passio for it. But i do need help. I have asked my teacher and she said she will help me on him. But I want to know your techqnics(spell check). Thanks and heres a picture if youd like to see what he looks like
Yess, his wet lol. He wanted to go for a walk in the raIn cuz he loves water.

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    6 Responses to “Is this normal for a BC puppy?”

    1. luckydog says:

      I was about to answer this question, Caitlyn, when I realized you posted the same, less detailed question 2 weeks ago. I re read what I wrote, and stand by every word. Please go back to your other post and check out answer 7.
      You have a working dog who is trying to herd. Nipping the other dogs is a BCs herding style. And BCs are very intense dogs…smart, but intense..I did offer specifics on the things that you can do, including reading up on herding techniques and field work so you can begin to incorporate that into your training. Good luck.

    2. Aaliyah Prescott says:

      My dog is a big boy (123 lbs!) and being out-of-control is not an option. We started early using the secrets of dog training course and it was fun and effective for us so I recommend it. Jupiter is 4 years now and simply the best friend ever.

      Good luck with your pal!

    3. Emanuel Lloyd says:

      Hey I see you need some sort of guide that will give you tips and tricks to help your dog become fully trained and more healthy. Recently one of my friends really needed some advice on how to train his dog… so he followed the dog training academy course to successfully have a fully trained dog in just a few weeks.

    4. nsmbsn says:

      Forget about your pup being dominant, he’s 3.5mths old for goodness sake! He’s just being a BC pup.

      Give him some other activity to get his herding/excitment/playfullness out of him. Lots of little walks, lots of Kong toys (The Kong Wobbler is great) and lots of training will do the trick. It’s your job to make sure he is stimulated and tired by the end of the day (can be very difficult for BC because they are so smart)- that’s what you signed up for when you got a BC. Your pup should be interacting with you more than your other dogs.

      Seperating the pup from the older dogs ocassionally is a good idea too, it will give the older dogs a break.

      good luck

    5. samiah lowe says:

      Yes he is becoming dominant and that is not good there is many things you need to do so you become the pack leader and since the other dogs are dachshunds it is a little more danger you can email me at for help

    6. msusara0405 says:

      Aww I love border collies! My one and a half year old border collie passed away from leukemia in November. Border collies are definitely one of the greatest dogs you can have. At that age they are very feisty and playful. I know my puppy always thought she was in control, so when I would take her to my mom’s house she would bully her dogs around. Now, one thing he may be doing also is trying to herd them. Border collies are great cattle dogs and I think that even if they’ve never been taught how to, they still try to herd. Mine would nip at peoples ankles and at dogs’ back legs to get them to move and then try to steer them where she wanted them to go. I never punished her with her kennel though. I would always take her (when she was barking and throwing a fit) and wrap my hand around her mouth and hold her body till she stopped. She would whine and cry but it didn’t hurt her. After starting that she learned what was okay and what wasn’t. BCs are just a handful, but oh man are they worth it. My BC was the most beautiful, intelligent, and loyal dog I ever had. I still miss her like crazy. Before she passed she stayed up ALLLLLLL night with me, then waited till I went to class the next morning to pass away. They are amazing dogs. Give him all your love while you can.

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