Is this animal cruelty?

Hmm alright I work in a dog boarding kennel/cattery and the other day, when I was cleaning the cat’s cages, I wasn’t quick enough to stop one of the cats getting out. Now, this is a perfectly friendly cat, it just wanted to explore. I was about to catch her and put her in her cage when my co-worker came alone and said Oh yeah I’ll get this one for you. The cat, by this time, was sitting beneath a shelf. In order to get her out. my co-worker dragged the cat out by her tail. This cat, by the way, was a Norwegian Forest Cat, which is a fairly large breed of cat. She was yowling in pain as she as dragged out by her tail. I regret that I was too shocked to really do anything. But now I’ll ask everyone else’s opinions. Should I report this? (my co-worker has also told my stories of how she’s drowned neighbourhood cats that wander into her yard). I’m really scared because I don’t want a huge confrontation, but do you think this is worth risking my job over? (the cat, thankfully, is ok)

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6 Responses to “Is this animal cruelty?”

  1. J Alves says:

    At this point you have no case. The cat is okay so there is no evidence to back you up and you have no evidence for the drownings. Nothing would be done to your coworker if you report it as it stands because there is no evidence to support your assertions. She would be in a position to make you look bad (and given her behavior I would not assume that she would not try to sabotage you. Unfortunately, I think you will have to watch and wait for something more substantial to occur to report her.

  2. earhaven9 says:

    Of course it is. Would you want to pay good money to board your animals and have them treated like that?
    It is the other person whose should not have a job.

  3. Observer says:

    Yikes! She sounds like she SHOULD NOT be working there. The tail pulling is kinda borderline…but drowning cats THAT IS HORRIBLE AND ABUSIVE. I think you should tread lightly…maybe catch her doing another abusive act because if you just say, "Well she told me she drowned cats." it’s her word against yours. The tail pulling is not enough watch her closely if she DOES do something abusive then yes confront her…otherwise just wait and watch.

  4. awsumness says:

    I would say talk to your coworker and if he does this again definitly report it. But if it is true about the cats in his yard, and you have proof, report him NOW.

  5. moses says:

    yes it is

  6. Case Tailor says:

    report it please!!!!

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