Is there any way to make extension cords plug and unplug more easily?

I have electric running to my kennel and for now, we have to plug and unplug the cords at least twice a day. I have a bad shoulder and even though the prongs appear straight and the cords are high quality and in good shape, it is almost impossible to get them together then apart where the two join. They are cords rated for outdoor use and temps are for upper 50’s to 32.
Can one use Vaseline like you can in an electrical socket to get a bulb to screw in easier?? Any ideas if not? Thanks
Death Magnet- did you even read the question? I said "I have a bad shoulder…" & "…the cords are high quality." If it wasn’t THAT hard would I post a question to ask? No. A high quality75′ outdoor cord costs about 5 and being almost new, why would I want to buy more??

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3 Responses to “Is there any way to make extension cords plug and unplug more easily?”

  1. Death magnetic says:

    can it honestly be that hard to plug in an extension cord? maybe try some other extension cords.

  2. fedupneck says:

    use a litttle candle wax or cook oil…put on prongs…rub-rub then wipe off excess…

  3. Steve P says:

    Maybe in line with the cords some where you can put a switch which then can be shut off easier.

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