is there a place were i could go to get rabbit grooming?

my rabbits nails r getting so long he cant hop around the room or else his nails will get cault in the rug and he starts to bleed is there a place i can go to get them clipped? pet smart only does cats and dogs i hate them…

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2 Responses to “is there a place were i could go to get rabbit grooming?”

  1. oregano13 says:

    A vet’s office should do it for maybe about $5 or so. They can also show you how to do it for in the future- it is really quite easy once you know how.

  2. June Bug says:

    I just got my 5-6 month-old male Lionhead rabbit’s nails done today at a vet’s office that was recommended to me by a rabbit sanctuary around where I live. They took my bunny to a back room so I couldn’t see them clipping the nails. When they brought him back (they had to grab the carrier from me to take to the back room so that they can put him back in–he was stressing alot they said), they said he was pretty stressed out and that I should play with his feet more when he is home so it will be easier to clip his nails in the future. Anyways, it only cost me $6 for them to trim his nails.

    Hope that helps. Good luck! 🙂

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