Is it ok to put your puppy in his kennel….?

for an hour or so, just because you need a break from him? Sometimes, I really just need a break and I’m not sure how else to get one!! Like when I restrict his food so he’s not peeing and pooping everywhere, he gets upset and runs around the house just TRYING to find something to get to me. It seems like he is purposely acting out because I won’t give him food. Anyway, just wanted to explain.
OK, for the ones who are asking about me restricting his food, I have been told to do that, and YES I am feeding him 3 times a day, but that is restriction, as far as I am concerned, rather than leaving it out all day. SEE MY POINT?
I DO play with him, I DO have toys for him, I DO put them in his kennel, I do all these things. But I DO believe he acts out when he doesn’t get his food when he wants it.

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    16 Responses to “Is it ok to put your puppy in his kennel….?”

    1. Chocolate Lover says:

      of course… a puppy is like a baby… you need a rest and so do they! don’t worry if they cry! just put them down for their nap (and yours!!!)

    2. marci452 says:

      Can I suggest Puppy Kindergarten? Your puppy needs to see you as the leader of his pack and right now he does not.

    3. Yogi and Me says:

      Yes but not a punishment, you have to introduce the kennel properly. it should be a safe place and not a punishment.
      For your dog being a terror, if he’s 9mos + he’s going through his teenage phase. You have to be patient. He is testing his firm…continue to practice his commands (sit, stay, wait, settle etc) He will be back to normal in a few months.

    4. Wolf_Grrl says:

      yes, putting your dog in a crate also lets your dog know he has his own little "den" or bedroom and most dogs seem to enjoy their crates after they are used to it. It gives them a sence of security.

      go buy a kong from the pet store then you can wipe a lil’ peanut butter inside it ans stuff a treat thats not so easy to get out and toss it in the crate with your pup that way there will be something to do in there.

      If your pup is running around with lots of energy then take him out for a romp outside, calms my dogs down.

    5. Vivian says:

      I don’t understand what you mean by "restrict his food". Are you sure he is getting enough to eat at each meal? Maybe you need to give him more exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog and owner. Keep a feeding schedule and try not to stray from it. He should have his own toys in an easily accessible place. If you need to crate him for an hour or so, that’s fine, just make sure he goes pee/poop first. Don’t keep him in there for more than just an hour or two during the day if your home.

    6. schshe says:

      Yes, it’s fine to put him in the kennel.He should eat however 3x a day. Depending on his size determines the amount of food.

    7. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

      They don’t purposely act out to annoy you, even if it feels like it sometimes. My dog does the same exact thing to me. Just yesterday we let her into the living room (usually it’s blocked by a gate) and she ran around like mad. Then she disappeared and came back with the chap stick i had left on my tray by the couch.

      They just want to play and have your attention. Try playing more games with her, exercising her, and providing plenty of exciting toys.

      Yes, it’s all right to put them in their bed for an hour or so. But do it when they aren’t being naughty or they’ll being to think of it as a punishment. Put a Kong in with them an say "nap time" or something so they know they are not in trouble.

      It’s better to calm yourself so you don’t get too frustrated with the puppy, who can respond to your energy and make you even more frustrated.

      Never leave them for more than two hours if you are home. Otherwise they will begin to complain.

    8. Manders says:

      No, it’s not wrong, as long as you aren’t putting him there when you are angry and frustrated. You don’t want to be using as punishment. When he starts getting to you, take a deep breath, and sound HAPPY as you CALMLY put him in the kennel.

      What do you mean by restricting his food? He should be fed twice a day, and should only be down for about 15 maybe 30 minutes. My puppy eats all hers in about 10 minutes though. If he’s wandered away and isn’t done in that 30 minutes, you pick it up. He will learn that he has to eat when the food is available. About an hour after he eats, he will probably have to poop, and he will pee a few times a day.

      Puppies do not "act out" the way children do. They just don’t have that thought process! Yes, puppies act up and get into mischief, but they are babies, and very curious! They are learning! Unfortunately for humans, they learn by chewing on things! Just like babies – everything in their mouths lol.

      So just try and relax. Your dog is not evil and out to get you. He’s a puppy, and doing puppy things!

    9. ActionStaffords says:

      Ugh, yeah!
      I crate train all my dogs. It is great. Especially when I have company.

      Sometimes the pup may object at first by yelling or going wild, but ignor it. Try short periods of time at first and ALWAY show him a yummy treat, say kennel, and throw it into the back of the crate. This will train him to dive in, get a treat and then just close the door. I always give another treat once they are in…then leave!

      Good luck.

    10. luvsdard says:

      Yes but dont’ get angry and pop him in there. Instead, throw a treat in there and in an upbeat tone of voice tell him to go get it so he associates the crate with good things. That’s what crates are for… when u can’t supervise the puppy. Mine naps in his and sleeps all nite in it.

    11. Rachel B says:

      First of all, don’t ever restrict food for a growing puppy. Just like a growing human, they need energy.
      Second, a kennel can be good so the puppy can have a break, but make sure you don’t make the kennel punishment for him or he won’t want to go in. Just quietly ask him to go in his "box" or "crate" (we taught our dog to know the word for kennel) and let them relax. The kennel should have a blanket or a soft toy in it so the puppy knows its his "own special place" to chill.
      Don’t worry, this stage will pass!

    12. kit_97_sl says:

      Yes it’s fine, as long as you don’t keep him crated for more than 2 hours daily (during his awake times, that you aren’t working, and 6-8 hrs a night while you are sleeping it helps them to learn what’s expected and as long as you are giving him loving attention and trying to teach him discipline he will be fine.

    13. K O says:

      Yes, it is the perfect thing to do!

      Here is one of my favorite websites with realistic dog training tips.

    14. Amanda says:

      Your puppy should go in his crate whenever you cannot supervise him… whether that is by choice or not. That doesn’t mean to stick him in there all day, but an hour is fine.

      What do you mean by restrict his food? He should have 3 scheduled feeding times and thats it

    15. Bruce says:

      Yes it lets him relax and you too

    16. skwarepeg says:

      Absolutely, that’s fine to do. In fact, it’s good to know when you need a break so you don’t yell. Just don’t put him in there in a punitive way. You want the crate to always feel like a safe place for him, not like it’s a place he goes to when he’s "bad."

      I think what you are saying about restricting his food is that you have scheduled feeding times and that’s it. That’s actually very good. That helps you make sure you have him outside when it’s time to do his business.

      Just so you know, dogs don’t try to "get to" us. They aren’t wired that way. A puppy has lots of energy. Its curious and energetic and playful. That’s normal behavior for a puppy, and good to have. The problem is that it’s not always what we humans want the puppy to do! (Chew up new shoes, etc.) Recognize it for what it is, and that will help you better resolve issues. If you think he’s doing it to get back at you, then you will more likely deal with him in an angry way, which is not helpful. Definitely learn as much as you can about dogs, learn about dog training, and take a break when you need it. 😉

      Good luck!

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