Is diabetes in a dog less than a year old common?

My puppy, Ginger, is a 10 month-old pomeranian/papillon mix. She’s adorable with the best personality ever, and often acts perfectly normal and perky, even when she is very ill (she had Kennel Cough, worms, and Giardia when I first rescued her).

We’ve been out of the woods with those illnesses for a while, but over the past five-ish months, she has been bad about having accidents (mostly urine, though poop every so often) inside. She usually paws at me when she needs to go out, and I must take her pretty much immediately. I did Petsmart training with her (until I fractured my knee) and we worked a lot on potty training, and she was given a small treat every time she went outside, as well as tons of praise and love.

But she still has accidents inside.

I had her urine tested twice towards the beginning of all of this, to see if this was medical rather than behavioral, and both times, the 2 different vets said everything came out perfectly normal.

However, the accidents have continued. She is also ALWAYS, every single day, SO thirsty. She would drink 10 gallons of water if I let her. She’ll chug so much water at once, and then need to go outside every 20 minutes, especially after meals (which hasn’t been too easy with my knee, living on a 2nd floor apartment).

I had knee surgery a little over 2 weeks ago, and did not have family member or friend who was able to take care of her. I boarded her at a nice doggy daycare, where she has been working with a trainer (as she is incredibly mischievous) . The trainer called me yesterday to tell me she had been noticing that Ginger has to urinate before and after each 30 minute lesson, and she was concerned.

I haven’t seen any personality changes, and she’s perky and very sweet, but I’m incredibly worried. I pick her up in 5 days and am scheduling an appointment with the vet to have her tested for diabetes when I pick her up. I’m just confused, because I’ve done research, and canine diabetes seemingly strikes older dogs who are overweight. She is neither older, nor overweight. Just always has too urinate and is frequently thirsty. Are there any other diseases or conditions she may possibly have?

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the lengthy background detail for this question.

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One Response to “Is diabetes in a dog less than a year old common?”

  1. Dale A says:

    What you’re thinking of mostly is "diabetes mellitus" or ‘sugar diabetes’, which is a malfunction of the insulin/glucagon system. There is also "diabetes insipidus" which is a malfunction of the ability of the body to concentrate urine (specifically ADH either isn’t secreted, or doesn’t get recognized where it needs to be).

    If you’re searching around on the internet, the medical term you’re looking for is PU/PD. Polyuria/Polydipsia. There are a lot of things that can cause it, and you’ll need to do bloodwork to rule a lot of them out (particularly checking kidney function).

    Number one on my list would be psychogenic polydipsia though. Basically she drinks a lot because its a habit, which means she has to pee a lot. You don’t want to restrict her water though without knowing with a fair degree of certainty that there aren’t problems elsewhere.

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