In the state of TN does a landlord have to have an eviction hearing to evict you?

I signed a lease and paid a pet deposit. I have a boxer mix 4yr male dog. He is all bark and no bite. I just got a certified letter from my landlord that states he has had multiple calls (which I have heard nothing about) from one of my neighbors complaining about the do barking at her kid and how she and her kid are in fear to walk by my house. The eviction states that because of this "you are not suited for the neighborhood"

I have tried to call the landlord to see what I can do to get this taken care of with out eviction, but he is not accepting my calls or returning them. I can not afford a lawyer at this time as I just spent my money moving into this house not even 3 months ago. Do I have any legal rights and is there anywhere that I can get legal help if the landlord is not willing to budge? I rented from him at a different location and my deposit from my previous apartment went towards the house. Some one please help… I like the house, I do not have the money to move, and x-mas is almost here and the eviction says I have o be out Dec 10th.

I had this dog at my other apartment for 3 years. He was mainly an inside dog. This house that I am in has wood floors and out of concern for the floors (even though I paid a pet deposit at the time of signing the lease) I have my dog out side. I have my dog confined using a remote fence (collar/receiver). He does not bark all the time. He only barks when someone walks to close to the yard. The fence is set not to allow him 15 feet near the edg of the property. At night he is put in his kennel.

I do not feel like he has the right to evict me, but I do not know for sure. The lease clearly states that I paid a pet deposit. WHat can I do??? is there a place I can get free legal help for this?

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One Response to “In the state of TN does a landlord have to have an eviction hearing to evict you?”

  1. Landlord says:

    He does, you are not only allowing your dog to terrorize the neighbors but you are not securing it.

    That dog CAN go right through that "fence" unless you have it set high enough to knock it out it will go through to attack the neighbors child.

    Paying a pet deposit offsets the damages caused by the dog, it does not give you the right to allow your dog to threaten the neighbors.

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